The star spoke with Coveteur about her personal style and signature facial feature

By Emily Kirkpatrick
September 18, 2017 04:35 PM

While the supermodel mania of the moment seems to be surrounding either the troop of Insta It-Girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid or the genetically blessed scions of fashion and Hollywood industry icons in their own right, like Cindy Crawford‘s daughter Kaia Gerber, there’s still plenty of OG ’80s and ’90s style icons whose fashion influence can still very much be felt. Such as Brooke Shields, who in addition to her semi-scandalous teenage film career and inspiring a generation to ponder over what could possibly get in between her and her Calvins, gave us a set of eyebrows for the ages, the ripple effect of which can still be felt to this day. But while the rest of us may still be trying to perfectly replicate her look, Shields revealed in an interview with Coveteur that she barely even thinks about them, though she does spend a whole lot of time thinking about her personal aesthetic.

brooke shields the coveteur calvin klein show

In an exclusive quote to PeopleStyle, the star admits that while she loves testing the limits with her sartorial looks, “I have to experiment for the right reasons. I can’t experiment trying to look like somebody else. My taste is becoming clearer to me.” She explains, “I will look at other people and think, ‘God, I wish I could pull that off,’ but I would look silly because for some reason it doesn’t fit on me. And yet, I love the confidence of it. I saw this girl today, and she had this beautiful floral dress over blue jeans with a short boot and a sequined little bolero jacket. She looked ah-mazing. She wasn’t like, 12, she was like…21 [laughs]. She wasn’t a mom, but I looked at it and I thought, I’d be fooling myself. We have a friend who wears bigger clothes, and they look so great on her. The times that I’ve tried to dress like her, because I love it on her, I look like something from Grey Gardens. I really look like a fool, and it’s just not my body type. It’s not how I carry myself.”

brooke shields the coveteur calvin klein show
Credit: Alec Kugler/Coveteur

She continues, “So I have to really make sure that I’m allowing the edge to come into it and be daring. And also, by the way, you know when you feel great in something and then it doesn’t really matter. There’s a difference. Or, if you are trying to feel great in it because you think the look is great. It’s funny, my little one—she can do any number of things, and she just wears it with pride, and she loves it. My other one is much more measured, much more about trend. I mean, it’s an age thing, too. I watch them, and I watch the freedom that [the little one] has, and I sort of want to celebrate that, because that I never had. I was always just wearing what people told me to wear.”

And in terms of her most famous asset, her envy-inducing full set of brows, Shields says she really doesn’t pay them all that much mind. In fact, she says, “I don’t even think makeup artists do anymore.” She continues, “I, for some reason, don’t really think about them. I think because I’ve never really groomed them, so it’s less of an issue. I did once, and it was a disaster—I let someone get ahold of me, and I was like, ‘Nope, not anymore.’”

And while the model’s signature facial feature may look just as bold as they ever did, she insists, “They’ve changed over the years. It’s funny because I was recently photographed, and Carine Roitfeld wanted the makeup artist to really enhance my brows so that they could look like they did in the 80s. I looked like a clown. It didn’t…go anymore. That sort of the natural, unruliness of it, wasn’t a part of my real life anymore. My hair quality is different. They’ve changed, definitely. I just try not to become too aware of them.”

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