September 26, 2014 04:15 PM

Britney Spears has been shaking things up in every department lately: She’s launched a lingerie line, publicly put her cheating boyfriend in his place, gotten a cute new “breakover” bob and now she’s declaring she doesn’t see the need for a man in her life — or any woman’s life! — at all. Read on for all the scoop on this sassy new Brit.


While in Denmark on her The Intimate Britney Spears world tour, the pop star was asked what message she’d like to send to ladies with her lingerie. And it was very simple, Spears said: “I would like to send: for women to feel more confident and to be more loving to themselves. I don’t think you need a man in this world anymore, I think you just need yourself and a little love and a bath. That’s what this lingerie’s all about.”

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She added that she wanted this message to be universal to all her fans. “I feel like it’s important to be able to connect with all sizes of women in the world, for them to not feel alone and to know that every size is beautiful,” she said. “Part of being a woman is to feel sexy and to feel loved and cherished. My line kind of does that for them.”

Most surprising of all to us? Spears’s favorite reason to get into her fancy lingerie. “I’m not always confident, but when I do feel confident, I have something that I really love on that makes me express myself in a confident way, that I feel really comfortable with,” she said. “At night, when I’m alone, if I want to read a book and have one of my pieces on, like a Buttercup or Ambrosia, I’ll put one of those on and it just makes me feel really sexy and sassy.”

Are you inspired to start firing up your Kindle in your sexiest delicates? Surprised by Britney’s “who needs a man?” stance? Share your thoughts!

–Alex Apatoff


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