Britney Spears Looks 'Glory' -Ous and No We Won't Apologize for That Pun

The singer chose a sexy cleavage-baring look for the big night

Photo: Source Twitter

Britney Spears and the VMAs have a complicated history, replete with moments of pure slay-age and moments that might fall into a different category. But tonight, it looks like everyone’s favorite aughts idol is ready to make her grand return to the award show’s stage, donning a rather revealing little black dress.

The singer tweeted a picture of herself prior to making her way over to Madison Square Garden, where tonight’s festivities are taking place, sipping on a glass of white wine and wearing a very modern asymmetrical cocktail dress with a high-low hem and a daring sheer slash running from her right shoulder across her waist. She captioned the shot, “So ready for this night




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Brit’s look is so avant grade she’s even invented a totally new kind of cleavage. While every one else on the white carpet will be all about side and under-boob, this pop diva is already on to the next trend, which we’re calling the sternum stripe. And she’s ridiculously fit thanks to those choker-adorned hikes she’s been enjoying of late.

Before she made it to the show, Spears also took a moment to share some kind words with Kim Kardashian, who will be introducing her performance tonight, telling her “obsessed” fan, “Can’t wait to see how hot you’re gonna look tonight! See you 10 seconds after.” She also told People that for her performance she, “wanted to do something different, something I’ve never done before, so that was probably the coolest thing we could come up with.”

Perhaps after her concert, Kim can teach Britney all about her elaborate no bra duct tape method to make wearing those extra low cut dresses just a little bit easier in the future.

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