January 26, 2017 03:29 PM


Britney Spears’ social media presence never ceases to amaze her loyal fan base thanks in part to her constantly surprising, often times head-scratching, posts. Whether she’s sharing sexy bikini dances, videos of herself working out to “Fergalicious” or old-timey art posted without comment (really, that last one is worth the click), you can never predict what she’ll do next. Case in point? Her latest selfie on Wednesday that showed off her insanely toned abs and her two hidden lower-hip tattoos.

On Twitter she decided to share her “first selfie in a while” with a tounge-out, bathroom mirror pose that was of course, captured with a selfie-perfecting LuMee phone case. And what makes it the perfect selfie is how totally relatable it is.

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First, she posed in casual sweats in an off-the-shoulder tee and sweatpants with the waist band rolled down (which revealed her cross tattoo right above her nether regions, that she first debuted in an Out magazine spread back in 2011). She threw her hair in a messy updo (the ultimate move for a low-key sexy selfie). And as hair colorist Justin Anderson pointed out on Snapchat, she’s missing one of her French-tipped fingernails. Britney, just when we thought we couldn’t love you more, you did it again.

While it’s impossible to ever predict what she’ll post next we sincerely hope there are more silly selfies (and many more Snapchat posing videos) to come.

What do you think of the singer’s tattoos? Share in the comments below.

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