The singer once again showed off a variety of outfits while doing her best supermodel walk through the hallways of her home

By Emily Kirkpatrick
March 06, 2017 10:51 AM
Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

As any ’90s rom-com aficionado will tell you, no coming of age movie is complete without a spontaneous fashion show moment. You know, that part of the film in which the main character goes on an excursion to the local mall (i.e. every Millennial teenager’s Mecca), to indulge in a mini spending spree and model a handful of the latest styles for your friends who are helping to guide you on your way from total loser to inevitable prom queen. However, we all know that’s not how life really works. No one in the real world will just offer you a no-strings-attached makeover, and trying on one ensemble after the next is really more of a burden for your friends than a bonding group activity. But Britney Spears knows when life doesn’t give you the ’90s quick-change montage you want, you make the ’90s quick-change montage you deserve.

Spears will forever be a style icon in her own right. After all, it’s not every pop star whose full patchwork denim gown, underwear as outerwear, and anaconda accessories are burned in the mind of an entire generation of pop fanatics. So if anyone deserves to model their superlative wardrobe of mini dresses, crop tops and Southwestern accessories for the masses, it’s the “My Prerogative” singer. Which is just what she did, turning the hallway of her mansion into an impromptu catwalk (perhaps she put on … a “Private Show”?) doing a twirl in a white long sleeve as well as a one-shoulder turquoise cocktail dress, and a cowboy hat and peasant top in an Instagram video she captioned, “Another day, another runway 👠👠👠”

This isn’t the first time the singer has tested out her supermodel stomp either. On Friday, the music icon was also apparently feeling herself as well as an urge to vogue, posing in another trio of mini dresses in her dimly lit marble corridor on Twitter, nonchalantly captioning the video, “Just doing my own runway show.” Long story short, Britney is clearly living her best life according to the legendary words of Ru Paul, “You better work, cover girl, work it, girl. Give a twirl! Do your thing on the runway. Work, sashay, shante!”

Do you ever put on a runway show just for yourself? What’s your favorite Britney Spears fashion moment? Sound off below!