October 24, 2016 08:35 AM

Having spent almost her entire life in the limelight as one of the most beloved pop stars in the world, Britney Spears is a consummate professional. Whether she’s carrying a seven-foot boa constrictor seductively across a stage, giving us the height of millennial fashion in a coordinated denim gown with Justin Timberlake, or simply displaying her unparalleled ability to Google Image search corn, it seems the singer has got it all under control. Even when her bondage-inspired top threatens to totally expose her in the midst of her Las Vegas review.

Thanks to a video taken by an audience member, it appears that on Sunday during her performance of “I Love Rock n’ Roll” and “Gimme More” the harness neckline that held Britney’s bra top in place came unfastened after her hair got stuck in one of the buckles. As the singer danced about, the straps popped off again, but she stopped the wardrobe malfunction in its tracks, clasping her hand to her chest to keep from over exposure. A number of dancers rushed to her aid, re-attaching the straps as best they could.

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Though her top appeared to be fixed and secure, the singer continued to struggle with keeping it in place as she moved on to the next portion of her musical medley. Thankfully, one of her back-up dancers was kind enough to take the shirt of his own back and put it over Britney who ducked down to button it up before continuing on and finishing off the performance without a hitch.

And this isn’t the first time she’s experienced one of her Pieces of Me costumes going rogue either. Earlier this week, the same fan captured yet another video of Britney performing “3” in a sheer black bodysuit with opaque paneling which began to unzip down the back, exposing the top of her white g-string. Despite her dancers best attempts to re-fasten it, the catsuit continued to gape open, but Britney chose to continue on as though it was all just a part of the show. Just one of the millions of reasons the aughts superstar is more than deserving of her very own Lifetime bio-pic.

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