Britney Spears' Hiking Apparel Proves She's Still Queen of the Early Aughts

Nothing says outdoor sports quite like a choker and booty shorts

Photo: Source: Britney Spears Instagram

In case you haven’t looked around yourself recently and remarked upon the sea of chokers, crop tops, flatforms and pig tail buns before you, allow us to be the first to alert you to the fact that the fashions of the early aughts are back in a big way. It seems like every trend from the decade, no matter how questionable it was the first time around, is making a huge comeback, thanks in large part to all those Instagram It-girl street style stars. But we all know in our hearts there can only truly be one Millennial queen, and that’s Britney Spears.

In her latest Instagram post, the singer of every pop hit tween girls are still lip-syncing along to in their mirrors demonstrated she also still does turn of the century fashion better than anybody around. While out hiking, Spears took a quick break for a photo-op, posing atop a pipe wearing her finest nostalgic athleisure apparel (from a time before athleisure was even a word), captioning the shot, “Nothing like hiking to refocus your energy. Can’t wait to get back to Vegas this week!”

And Brit’s hike included some of her own Olympic-level events like a “beam” routine where she quickly walked across a log resting over a creek. See her medal-worthy performance below.

In the photo and video posted to her account, the pop star is the picture of Millennial trend-setting, wearing aviators with a black choker, fitted floral-print cami, and athletic shorts rolled up at the waist into booty shorts. In other words, the popular girl uniform of every early aughts high school rom-com. If, like us, you’ve also suddenly found yourself inexplicably humming “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman,” it’s probably because this photo is giving some major flashbacks to Britney’s cinematic debut.

Which reminds us, with all the classic films out there getting a reboot this summer, isn’t is high time Shonda Rhimes penned a Crossroads 2? Come for Spears’ cover of yet another beloved rock and roll classic, stay for the guaranteed Shondaland crossover cameos.

What do you think of Britney’s hiking ensemble? What’s your favorite millennial trend?

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