December 17, 2015 03:25 PM

Maybe Rapunzel had the right idea about using her hair for both practical as well as decorative purposes. I mean, what’s the point of 30 yards of the most beautiful golden tresses if you can’t also repurpose them into a rope if you need to get away in a pinch? Well, thanks to her latest Instagram post, we now all know Britney Spears feel exactly the same way.

Britney Spears/Instagram

The pop star posted a selfie to her account last night featuring some fairytale princess-approved hair of her own. Well, almost her own: Britney appears to have added extensions to her lob to give her hair more volume and texture. According to the singer’s caption, “Having long hair in winter is a must!” because just like Rapunzel she knows good hair isn’t just about miles of effortless waves. It’s also about your hair extensions being able to double as a scarf or insulated hat should the need arise during the many long, cold months ahead.

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And apparently, Brit’s not the only one who thinks seasonal extensions are a must. Lily Collins also debuted a new, much longer mane on Instagram last week after sporting a very high fashion pixie cut for most of the year. Just like the singer, Collins blames the change in season for her change in style, captioning the shot, “
for keeping me warmer in the LA “cold”

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Who knew a simple hairstyle switch-up could be put to so many good uses? Apparently, extensions are the new balaclavas of 2016.

What do you think of Britney and Lily’s hair extensions? Do you think they’ll help keep them warm? Would you get hair extensions for the change in season? 

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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