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By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 05, 2015 06:55 PM

Bridget Marquardt’s favorite time of year is right around the corner and the Queen of Halloween sure kicked off the month just right: with a spider engagement ring!

Bridget Marquardt

Courtesy Bridget Marquardt

“I wanted something different,” Marquardt, 42, tells PEOPLE at an event for L.A.’s Haunted Hayride of her one-of-a-kind pavé diamond spider engagement ring (and don’t worry: she confirmed on her Instagram right off the bat that it was “not a black widow”!)

She continues, “The traditional rings were just really, really traditional and I just wanted something different, unique and special. We saw this and I was like, I love that!”

Marquardt may be wearing the ring “until death do us part,” but she says the creepy crawly bug symbolizes more than just her love for all things macabre.

“It’s not that I love spiders — I actually don’t really love spiders that much — but it’s not that and it doesn’t represent that to me,” she explains. “It just represents my personality more and something different for our relationship.”

The Girls Next Door star and her fiancé, director Nick Carpenter, met at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 and have been caught in a web of love ever since. And his proposal was eerily on-point for the former Playmate as well.

“He took me up to a waterfall that we always used to hike to in L.A., and he totally faked me out with a fake spider ring in the dirt. I was like, That’s weird,” she says of Carpenter’s ask. “Long story short, I went to put the ring back because it wasn’t mine — I just thought it was cool that it was there — and I turned around and he was on one knee with the real ring. It was really sweet,” says Marquardt.

And while it’s still “too soon to tell” where the big day will go down, there are a few options in mind: “In the few days that we’ve been engaged, I’ve actually thought about destination, Halloween wedding, wedding back home,” says Marquardt. “I’ve thought of every wedding possible — that would be fun, this would be fun — so I’m all over the place right now.”

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–Nicole Sands