Bride Asks Her Bridal Party and Female Guests to Wear Their Wedding Dresses to Her Own Nuptials

Audrey Moore decided that she wanted an untraditional wedding for her big day — and she certainly had that wish granted


What do a bridal party in wedding gowns, groomsmen in sweatshirts, 18 cakes, arcade games, and Elsa from Frozen all have in common? They were all aspects of Audrey Moore‘s big day — and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moore, who works as an actress and starred in Better Call Saul, knew that when the time came to marry her producer/writer boyfriend of nine years, Jesse Lumen, she wanted an untraditional wedding.

Instead of having her bridal party and female guests — most of whom were already married — wear the usual formal attire to her special day in December, Moore decided that she wanted them to all re-wear their wedding gowns.

The unique idea came to her as she reflected on the relationships she had with the “remarkable” women in her life.

“I was inspired by all the beautiful women in my life,” she told PEOPLE. “I truly have the most remarkable friends — beautiful inside and out. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst.”

“On my wedding day, I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate all of our uniqueness and beauty than to inspire each other with our individual gowns!” she added.

Audrey Moore and her bridal party.

She also explained that while she had no hesitations about the decision, some of her friends were a bit skeptical at first.

“A few of my friends were a bit worried I was playing a practical joke on them so they reached out to each other to make sure they weren’t going to be the only other person at the wedding besides me in a wedding dress!” she explained.

Though many have wondered if Moore was worried about her friends and family stealing her spotlight in their white gowns, Moore said it was actually on the contrary, as she found it to be empowering and supportive.

“I felt that it made the whole day more magical!” she said of her decision. “When women encourage each other to shine brightly, we are unstoppable!”

For her big day, she passed on a traditional white and instead, opted to wear an icy blue lace gown with beaded embellishments and a matching tulle cape that was inspired by the dress worn by Elsa in Frozen.

Audrey Moore.

But she didn’t stop there: in lieu of tuxedos or suits, the groomsmen all wore white tuxedo-print sweatshirts with black pants.

“I met him in a white hoodie and I somehow always pictured him in a white hoodie when we got married. In fact, my favorite thing for him to wear is a hoodie,” she explained to Today. “So when we discovered that they made tux-print hoodies in white, it seemed perfect.”

Even the bride and groom’s mothers were involved with the untraditional fun and served as the wedding’s flower girls, walking down the aisle side-by-side in their black and white gowns.

The groomsmen.
The mothers of the bride and groom.

After saying their “I Do’s,” the couple and their party guests did a quick change into costumes, featuring everything from a Mickey Mouse and Spiderpig to a burrito.

To go along with their fun outfits, Moore and Lumen provided arcade games, a movie-theater themed “sugar bar,” a French fry bar, and 18 different wedding cakes for guests to eat.

The multiple cakes were inspired by Lumen’s family tradition of decorating cakes every summer, Today reported. At the rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom had their guests decorate the cakes to eat during the ceremony.

Guests at the wedding.
Guests at the wedding.
One of the cakes.

Their unique day proved to have a lasting effect on the couple who said they hoped that it would encourage others to follow suit.

“We’re lucky to have an incredible group of creative friends who helped us put this whole thing together, including all of my groomsmen who showed up at the crack of dawn to help me design and construct a ceremony that would be fitting for a dozen brides,” Lumen told Today.

“It’s hard to stand out when everyone is wearing a wedding dress, but when I saw Audrey’s dress I was blown away,” he continued. “I can’t wait for her to find an occasion to wear it again, and I hope this inspires other brides to do the same!”

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