The singer and his wife debuted their fashion label Tribe Kelley in a brick-and-mortar retail store for the first time


Not only is Brian Kelley half of the country duo Florida Georgia Line, he’s also half of the brains behind clothing label Tribe Kelley.

Brian and his wife, Brittney, created the American fashion label in 2014 and reached a major milestone this month: The couple debuted their latest collection in a brick-and-mortar retail shop for the first time at Ron Robinson in West Hollywood.

“I never thought that this day would come,” Brittney tells PEOPLE. “I really envisioned this being e-commerce at first, but it kept building and it kept growing. It’s so surreal to see our clothing displayed in a store for people to walk through.”

Brian adds: “It’s super humbling to see our clothes in this amazing space.”

Tribe Kelley Debuts at Ron Robinson
Credit: Getty Images for Tribe Kelley

Though Brittney has been running her “own little fashion gig” since college, Tribe Kelley was born on a dinner date when she sketched out an idea for a shirt on the tablecloth.

“It’s cool to transition from an Etsy account to a bigger business with bigger numbers, bigger decisions, bigger checks being written,” she says.

The line is made up of versatile pieces for him and her, neutral colors and, of course, some camouflage.

“I think one of my personal favorite pieces to design was the camo,” Brittney says. “We have a camo pair of shorts and a camo jacket made out of a jacquard fabric. It really made such a great two set that people have been responsive to.”

Tribe Kelley Debuts at Ron Robinson

One of those people responsive to the line? Rapper Lil Wayne.

At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Lil Wayne stepped out in head-to-toe Tribe Kelley camo for his performance with Nicki Minaj.

“Lil Wayne came out in our awesome camo pieces, and we were absolutely blown away,” says Brian. “We started celebrating immediately, and I had tears in my eyes — I’m not going to lie to you. It was humbling, a cool nod and definitely a huge surprise. We’re going to take that energy into the next couple of lines and just build off of that.”

When it comes to being a business partner with his wife, Brian explains that Brittney is “definitely the boss lady.”

“She’s a young entrepreneur, and it’s a beautiful thing to see,” he explains. “I’m lucky to get to work alongside and throw my flavor in on the men’s [clothing] and help with the women’s [clothing] here and there.”

Brittney continues: “I think both our ideas and visions coming together really ties this thing together.”

If you can’t make it to check out the collection in person, all of the clothes, ranging from $45 to $240, are available on their site.

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