Breakout Stars: 17 Celebs Who Celebrate Their Zits

Stars don't always have glam squads on hand to help them banish blemishes. But rather than hide inside, these celebs are honest about their skin struggles (and gave us confidence to rock our own)

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Bekah Martinez. Bekah Martinez/ Instagram

After years of struggling with skin issues, Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez says she's finally found a cure for her acne. The 23-year-old star shared before-and-after photos of her skin on Thursday, revealing a red, blemish-covered complexion, followed by nearly clear skin in the latest shot.

"Only recently did I discover it came down to my gut health, which I'll be sharing a hell of a lot more about in the next few weeks," she wrote. "No, it's not plexus or any other supplement, it's real raw food that you have to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis."

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Lili Reinhart. Lili Reinhart/Instagram

"Hi I'm Lili. I'm 21, a Virgo, Cali Girl And I have cystic acne. Hmu," the Riverdale star captioned a makeup-free, acne medication-spotted selfie on her Instagram story, which she joked was her Tinder profile.

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Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram

The pop star showed off his acne on Instagram Story for all his fans and followers to see, even pointing them out with his finger. "Pimples are in," he said.

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Kendall Jenner. Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Skin stress didn't stop the 22-year-old model from from strutting her stuff on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night. When a fan praised her for her red carpet confidence in spite of the skin shamers, Jenner responded "never let that s--- stop you."

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Rachel Bloom. Rachel Bloom/Instagram

Stress breakouts happen to even the most Emmy-winning among us, including the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress, who shared a snapshot of her skin emergency. "The middle of shooting the season (around episode 8) is peak time for my hormones to run amok due to a hectic schedule," she captioned her makeup-free photo. She then challenged fans to keep an eye out for the blemish onscreen: "Try to spot the bloating, fatigue and zits and win a prize! (But hopefully you won't thanks to [makeup artist] @srollertaylor)."

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Constance Zimmer. Constance Zimmer/Instagram

The actress wrote on Instagram, "If you're wondering how my day was, I think the break out on my face tells a pretty obvious story. Thank god for @reneerouleauskincare and her quick zit fixes and beyond, otherwise I'd be crying." And just in case you thought she was getting paid to plug this foolproof skin solution, she added, "#notanadjustsometruth."

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Paris Jackson. Paris Jackson/Instagram

Paris Jackson wants her fans to know they shouldn't feel self-conscious about their imperfections, whether it's pimples or stretch marks. "Don't be insecure about your acne or stretch marks. You know what else has spots? Pizza. And everyone loves pizza," the model tweeted, to a roar of support among her followers on social media.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.50.28 AM
Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning/Instagram

How did the 23-year-old actress spend her Tuesday night? Celebrating her zits and bruised kneecaps. "Forever bruised knee caps, Mario Badescu pimple cream and a semi-sexy colonial nightgown = A BANGING TUESDAY NIGHT," Fanning said on Instagram.

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Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos. Maria Menounos/Instagram

This E! News host admits that putting on pimple cream and wearing a mouth guard might not be the epitome of "sexy time," but the star's not ashamed to show herself taking the time to do it on her Instagram.

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Suki Waterhouse. Source Instagram

The supermodel is so serious about her zit-zapping routine that she's enlisted BFF and co-founder of their new handbag line, Pop & Suki, Poppy Jamie to join in on the pimple cream fun. "Spot the spots," she wrote on Insta.

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Lucy Hale covers her acne with Band-Aids
Lucy Hale.

Though none of us can avoid running errands in the midst of a major breakout, only some of us have to worry about facing the paparazzi at the same time. Lucy made light of the situation, though: "When you're caught with zit cream and a really chic outfit," she quipped on Instagram.

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gabrielle union / instagram
Gabrielle Union.

And unveiling a brand-new look can't wait for things to clear up, either! The Being Mary Jane star shared a pic of her blonde bob with the caption, "Loving the new do…. My zit also loves it 👀 Thanks @rennyvasquez @myatesnewyork❤️❤️❤️."

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Brie Larson. Laura Cavanaugh/WireImage

The star's entire Instagram is an ode to keeping it real. Case in point? When a blemish popped up in a red carpet shot, she owned it: "When you're stressing/obsessing over a zit so you put on too much zit cream before bed and wake up to giant dry spot but you gotta get your photo taken anyway. 💃💃💃," she wrote.

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The beauty mogul often shares the makeup and skincare routines she uses to get flawless on Snapchat. But before the first contouring is applied, Kylie relies on Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion, which she applies by dipping a Q-tip into the bottle and then dabbing a small drop onto the affected area.

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Daisy Ridley.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress recently opened up about her skin struggles, including the havoc endometriosis wreaks on her complexion. "I've tried everything: products, antibiotics, more products, more antibiotics) and all that did was left my body in a bit of a mess," she shared — which is why the star has recently turned to more natural remedies, including this hilariously unsuccessful turmeric mask.

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mindy kaling/instagram
Mindy Kaling. Mindy Kaling/Instagram

Acne has no regard for your age. Just ask Mindy, who bravely bared her blemishes in a post that truly deserves the "cry laughing" emoji: "That zit cream in your 30's life. At least I'm not going on the Tonight Show later." (She was.)

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Miley Cyrus. Source Instagram

One scroll through Miley's Instafeed and you might notice that the singer doubles as a zit cream connoisseur who occasionally subs in different formulas to fight flare-ups. The most exotic? Minty fresh toothpaste, which, she's said, works wonders.

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The singer is so committed to showing her real self (even calling out Photoshop pros for smoothing her complexion) that she'll even give a glimpse of her pre-bed blemish-fighting routine on social media.

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