The actor and model tells People all about his experience on the runway

RJ Mitte’s transformation from Breaking Bad‘s Walt Jr. to high-fashion runway model is complete — but the actor admits hitting the catwalk is no easy feat.

Mitte, who made his runway debut in June at Vivienne Westwood’s Milan show, told PEOPLE Fashion Week involved a lot of “running around town.”

Credit: Lucioni/Rex USA

Lucioni/Rex USA

“It’s so much fun, but I definitely see how models stay so skinny — they work, man!” he said.

“I don’t think people realize how much these men and women work, cause they’re doing five or six show a day for weeks straight, running from one side of town to other,” he added. “It’s an adrenaline rush, but it’s exhausting.”

Mitte, 23, was in Milan for a week, then jetted off to Paris for three days, followed by a week in New York City.

“I was everywhere!” he said. “I was doing fittings, I was talking to designers. It was a busy month, but it’s so much fun and I enjoyed it. … I just ran around the world, seeing amazing things and walking and being part of some amazing shows.”

RJ Mitte

Lucioni/Rex USA

Mitte, who said he “loves fashion,” explained he’s been involved the industry to some degree since he started acting and has always had a stylist.

That being said, he doesn’t limit himself to just two industries: “I’m still acting, I’m still modeling, I produce, I direct, I DJ — I try to do it all,” he added.

“I’m never done with any of this… I’m always going — I think if I ever stopped I would go insane!” Mitte said. “When I do travel it’s not just traveling for modeling, but I’m taking auditions for acting, I’m making meetings for philanthropic work, I’m running around.”

Mitte’s latest philanthropy effort is a partnership with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for the InsureU consumer education campaign.

The campaign strikes a chord close to Mitte’s own experiences: The actor was in two car accidents within the space of a week when he was 18.

“I wasn’t expecting the first accident, let alone two back to back,” Mitte said. “It’s something that is so stressful that you should always be prepared, in a way where you will be protected. I’m really pleased to be a part of the organization.”

“We actually need to protect what we have,” he added. “And ourselves and our family!”

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–Aurelie Corinthios