Brad Pitt's Everyday Uniform: Head-to-Toe Khaki and His Favorite Work Boots

It's time to discuss the actor's favorite outfit

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Believe it or not, we found a star who loves wearing neutrals more than Kim Kardashian. And it’s a guy. Brad Pitt (you read that right) has a very specific casual look, and naturally, we want to discuss it with you.

With Pitt’s busy travel schedule, we imagine it’s important to be comfortable. And recently anytime we see the actor out, he’s wearing a khaki jacket, basic tee, khaki pants and the same Palladium boots. (Photographic evidence above.) His facial hair pattern might change a bit, plus, sometimes a newsboy cap is in the mix, but this top-to-bottom desert look is to Pitt what allover black is to his fiancée Angelina Jolie. And if we could ask him one question it would probably be: Do you keep a Tide stick in your pocket at all times for the inevitable lunch spill?

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We’re hoping the actor joins Angelina for the Maleficent promo tour, because nothing it better than a Brad and Angie couple cameo on the red carpet. But there’s a chance the boots might come to. He has worn them to events in the past. What do you think of Pitt’s go-to look? Do you love a guy in work boots? Share your thoughts below.

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–Brittany Talarico

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