The celebrity stylist has been spoofing the franchise's most iconic moments in his spot-on TikTok videos


During quarantine, many people developed new ways to stay creative while adapting to the new norms set by the COVID-19 pandemic, and for celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, his quarantine project has become must-watch (TikTok) TV.

The Fashion Police star has been doing voice-over parody TikTok videos of some of the most iconic moments in Real Housewives history. He's covered Scary Island from the New York franchise, the Table Flip from New Jersey and many scene stealers from the latest season of Beverly Hills. But what sets his videos above the rest, is his expert styling, hilarious accessorizing and spot-on wig pairings.

"I get them on Amazon," Goreski tells PEOPLE when asked how he amassed such a vast wig collection during a conversation about his involvement in Galderma's Face Up to Rosacea campaign. "There's literally a wig delivery every day. So it's gotten to the point now where I finally called my assistant. I was like, 'Daniela, it's time. I have a very weird project for you. I need you to help me organize my wigs.' So I have almost 50 now."

In the beginning, he says he didn't style or brush out the wigs at all, until he got some expert advice. "[Celebrity hairstylist] Jen Atkin DM'ed me and she was like, 'You know you can brush a wig? You can brush the synthetic hair. It's not the greatest for it but you can brush it so it doesn't look like it's been in on the street for three nights.'"

Goreski has invested in bobby pins and elastics to really get the looks down-pat. He even styled a few himself including the Erika Jayne pink wig (seen here) and Kim Richards' ponytail (seen here). "I keep telling the Housewives. I'm like, 'You guys have to stop wearing ponytails. It's really hard to find a good ponytail wig unless it's custom.' But we haven't gotten there yet."

As for the outfits, he says friends including RHOBH's Lisa Rinna share fashion credits with him so he can call in the exact look. "I try to match it as closely as possible because it's a super fun project for me and I feel like it's a way right now when I'm not styling of exercising that muscle," he shares. "And it's also really fun when I can find a version of it that's close enough, but just a little bit off as well because I think that that also adds to the humor of it, of like, 'Oh yeah, I recognize that' but it's totally not the [exact] thing."

Aside from racking up the views (his latest already has over 250,000), the stars themselves love it. Housewives give their approval in his comments, while stars like Sarah Paulson, Khloé Kardashian and of course, his husband, writer and producer Gary Janetti, all regularly leave messages with each new clip.

"I'm glad people are enjoying them because they've been really fun to do," says Goreski. "When I first joined TikTok, I was doing the dances and stuff, which were taking me forever and I was sweating. Gary [Janetti]  was like, 'Are you going to be okay? Do I need to take you to a chiro? What are you doing?' And then when I started discovering that I could lip-sync the sounds and do it almost right on top of their sound."

He continues: "I was like, 'Oh, this is a combination of so many fun things for me.' It's partially drag in a way. It's lip-syncing for your life. It's styling. It's filming, editing. So it's a whole package that keeps my brain occupied and busy."

Brad Goreski
Credit: y David Fisher/Shutterstock

While events for his A-list clients (including Kaley Cuoco, Jenna Dewan and Demi Moore to name a few) stopped in March, he's "slowly but surely" starting to style some projects for them again.

He's still in the planning stage for his next big project coming up (the 2020 Emmys!) but he's excited to see what's in store for the virtual ceremony.

"It's going to be a very interesting Emmys. This has never been done before, but I think the tone of if you're at home, I think people are going to do what they feel reflects them," he shares. "Some people would maybe want to be and get dressed up and have it as an opportunity to wear something other than their sweatpants. And I'm sure other people will be in their pajamas and doing their thing. So I think it's going to really depend on the individual and what they want to do, but I think it's definitely going to make for an interesting award show. That's for sure."

He also has multiple TV projects on the horizon, including hosting a beauty competition show alongside Real Housewives star NeNe Leakes on E! and starring in a travel-based reality show with his husband Janetti on HBO Max.

The couple filmed their first two episodes in Rio and Buenos Aires in February, and were scheduled to go to Australia and New Zealand to film in March. "The day that Tom Hanks announced that he had coronavirus, we had crew going to Australia to start scouting and setting up. So we had to pull the crew from the airport and then we decided we would put filming on hold. We'll get back to filming as soon as it's safe to do so again for everybody."