September 04, 2009 04:50 PM

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After a few tough years marred by skirmishes with the law, Boy George tells PEOPLE that he’s back and more focused than ever on his creative projects, which include a new album of covers and a clothing collection. His clothing line, B-Rude, “which is mostly our printed and bejeweled apparel,” he says, has been around for a few years but is picking up steam again, selling at And the line already has some pretty famous fans. “We just made some one-off stuff for the delightful Debbie Harry for her recent tour, which was both a thrill and seriously cool,” he says. “And we also dressed Kylie Minogue for the finale of her last worldwide tour!” A star fan-base doesn’t, however, mean that Boy is courting Hollywood’s elite. “We don’t target the kind of people who wear money, you know, those that would kill to have the latest designer handbag,” he explains. “We are more for the disenfranchised. We have a punk attitude, I guess.” But just because he’s putting his own spin on fashion doesn’t mean he’s retiring from music. The singer is working on a very personal album of covers, choosing songs that “feel [as if] it was written for you and these are the songs I’m planning to record. I’m choosing songs that speak to me and have lyrics that reflect my personal journey and experiences.” He’s also using the web to discover new collaborators for his upcoming dance track “Yes We Can,” through a contest on “I feel it’s a very refreshing idea. I’m pretty excited to find artists through Talenthouse and see what people do with my song. Absolutely, I can’t wait!” We can’t wait to hear the final track — and see his newest designs too! To check out Boy George’s music, video, photography and other projects, visit

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