By StyleWatch
Updated December 01, 2009 06:35 PM


(RED) is the new black, according to U2’s front man Bono, and Nike couldn’t agree more. The singer and co-founder of the (RED) brand, whose proceeds benefit the fight against AIDS in Africa, attended a press conference in London on Monday to announce a partnership with the sportswear company. The first (Nike) RED product to hit the market is simple, affordable, red shoelaces. “This is a very big day for everyone involved in the fight against AIDS,” said Bono at Niketown’s British flagship. “Nike is about winning and if we keep our concentration over the next few years, things might start to turn around.” With Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba modeling the new laces by his side, Bono said he couldn’t wait to announce more (RED) collaborations and told PEOPLE that he’s even persuaded one of his favorite new artists to participate. “Lady Gaga is the latest (RED) warrior to get involved,” Bono told PEOPLE at the launch. “You know Dr. Dre did those Beats headphones, the big ones, you see people wearing round their neck? Well, Lady Gaga is launching her own (RED) headphones and they are the best sound money can buy.” (Nike) RED laces are $4 and are available starting today at Nike stores and key retailers worldwide. Tell us: will you buy (Nike) RED laces?–Monique Jessen