I tried the blue raspberry collagen shot for a week and here's what happened
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There’s Cindy Crawford’s practically wrinkle-free, superhuman skin and there’s everyone else’s skin. In a perfect world, we could all age as flawlessly as the supermodel, but wrinkles… happen. It seems like everyone is always scrambling around figuring out a way to prevent them, and while we can’t exactly dictate how our bodies age, we can give them a little push in the right direction.

Ingestible beauty supplements have become wildly popular thanks in part to all the celebrities (a.k.a. — every single Kardashian) and influencers who are always posting on social media about them. And then there’s the collagen craze, a health fad that’s got everyone and their mother ingesting one of the many forms of the protein.

After hearing about the benefits, I was on a mission to find a collagen supplement that didn’t cost me a fortune. So, when I discovered that beauty icon Bobbi Brown just recently launched a line of supplements at Walmart, I knew I needed to try it ASAP.

Her wellness line, EVOLUTION_18, features a collection of 10 simple formula, ingestible beauty supplements, including debloating teas, biotin gummies, hydration tablets, and, my personal favorite, collagen beauty shots (surprise: that’s what I picked!). But first, what’s all the hype about collagen, anyway?

What is collagen?

Well, for starters, “Our skin is comprised of about 75 percent collagen,” Aimee Aristotelous, Certified Nutritionist and author of The Whole Pregnancy and forthcoming Almost Keto tells PEOPLE. It’s an important protein naturally found in our bodies that binds tissues and keeps the skin looking youthful and plump. But as we age, our natural collagen production decreases, and eventually, we aren’t able to replace it as fast as it breaks down, causing the skin to develop those dreaded itty bitty fine lines.

Research about ingesting collagen is still relatively new, though it’s “known for promoting elasticity to the skin which is being touted as the new fountain of youth,” says Aristotelous. “Although the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements in general, research does suggest that ingesting collagen is a safe and effective way to better the health of skin and joints.”

Aristotelous added, “Studies have followed individuals who ingested between one and five grams of collagen per day, for a duration of eight to 12 weeks, and their skin appeared to have more elasticity, less dryness, and fewer wrinkles than of those who did not take the supplements.” So, there’s definitely something to be said about ingestible collagen, which is why companies have created so many different forms of it — there are collagen pills, collagen gummies, and even collagen shots.

What the EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Boosting Collagen Shots Did to My Skin

The Beauty Boosting Collagen Shots are exactly what they sound like — a daily shot of blue raspberry-flavored liquid collagen. Formulated with marine collagen peptides and high-quality source of amino acids, the elixir claims to help build elastin and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Best of all? The price tag was right up my alley. For only $10, you get a box of 10 collagen shots.

walmart evolution_18 beauty

Buy It! EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Boosting Collagen Shot, $9.98; walmart.com

I’ve been taking one shot daily for a week now, and they’ve been super easy to incorporate into my beauty routine. I keep them near my makeup so when I’m getting ready in the morning, I moisturize, then shoot back a little collagen. All you have to do is twist off the plastic top off the tube and take back the shot (which, mind you, took me two swigs to ingest the full 10 mL tube). To be honest, I wasn’t fond of the initial taste, but the aftertaste was definitely reminiscent of blue raspberry as promised. Obviously, I know results don’t happen overnight.

In fact, “Studies have documented noticeable results in individuals who consumed collagen on a daily basis for as little as eight weeks, however, it may take up to six months for some,” Aristotelous says.

My skin is not miraculously devoid of wrinkles (though I’m only 24 and just starting to take precautionary measures now), but after taking the beauty shot for just one week, I started to notice a bit of a glow to my skin, and some of my acne scarring appears to be getting lighter. Maybe I’ve fallen into the trap that is phantom results, or maybe the ingestible collagen just resonates well with my body. One thing I know for sure is, this little collagen shot is super easy to take daily, so it’s definitely worth keeping in my beauty routine.

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EVOLUTION_18 Collagen Peptide and Protein Powder

Buy It! EVOLUTION_18 Collagen Peptide and Protein Powder, $19.98; walmart.com

EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Glow Capsules with Collagen
Credit: Walmart

Buy It! EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Glow Capsules with Collagen, $9.98; walmart.com

EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Tablets
Credit: Walmart

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