Blake Shelton Reveals How Gwen Stefani Influenced His New Lands' End Collection: 'She's So Into It'

The couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on July 3

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton may not be a fashion enthusiast, but luckily he has wife and '90s style icon Gwen Stefani to serve as his consultant.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his newest business venture, a collection with fashion and lifestyle retailer Lands' End — the country music star opened up his personal fashion choices, and how Stefani helps him along the way.

"Let's all face it, nobody thinks about fashion when they think of me," the "No Body" singer, 46, jokes. "They probably think of the outdoors, or country lifestyle, or drinking, or all the things that come along with my brand that I've established over the last 20 years."

He continues, "When they came and said, 'We have this idea,' it did make sense because it's not just clothes, it's a lifestyle brand. And that's why I felt like it works for me, and why I got so excited about it. Because it is mostly clothes, but it's clothes I would wear if I'm either on stage or even just working at the ranch in Oklahoma. It's jeans, it's button-up flannel shirts. You can roll your sleeves up."

Blake Shelton Reveals How Gwen Stefani Influenced His New Lands’ End Collection: ‘She’s So Into It’
Blake Shelton. lands' end

The fall/holiday collection — available online and in-store on Thursday — will feature apparel for the whole family, including pets, and home items like blankets, coolers, comforters and more. Each item has some of Shelton's signature flair with its flannel prints, comfortable fabrics and easy-to-wear styles.

When it comes to his personal style, Shelton admits that he's "the same guy off-stage as I am on-stage" — but one thing he knows for sure is that he values comfortability above all else.

"I think there's a big segment of guys like me out there that, it's probably hard for them to find clothes that either fit or that they're comfortable in or they don't feel stupid in," the "Sangria" singer says. "And I think this fills that void and that lane."

But when it came to nailing the collection down, the country singer feels grateful he had the "Rich Girl" singer, 52, to offer guidance.

"Every time we had a meeting on Zoom or anything, even though the Lands' End people didn't know it, Gwen was always standing off to the side going, 'Yes. Do that. No, don't do that. Do this. Do that. You wouldn't do that because of...' " he says of Stefani, whom he celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with in July.

Blake Shelton Reveals How Gwen Stefani Influenced His New Lands’ End Collection: ‘She’s So Into It’
Blake Shelton.

"She has a vision about clothes that I could never have and what would be authentic to me. She sees what I put on every day, even though I don't think about it," he adds. "She thinks a lot about it, because she's so into it. It was very helpful."

Similarly, the "Cool" singer spoke to Vogue in May about how Shelton served as an inspiration for her 2022 Met Gala look.

"I got a call that Vera wanted me to be her date, and I was just so honored that she chose me," Stefani recalled at the time. "She has such a distinct thing that she does that is so feminine, and I think ever since I met my husband, that part of me has really come out in my fashion more than ever — the femininity that I didn't really embrace for a lot of years, just because of being in a band with all guys and being on stage."

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Stefani continued, "Fashion and makeup are such an extension of our personalities and who we are at the time and who we want to be."

When it comes to Lands' End, the "God's Country" singer — who is donating a portion of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity — has already started using some of the items around his own home: "I have a blanket that I use constantly, whether I'm traveling or just at home on the couch. It's literally the softest blanket I've ever touched in my life."

There's also a kid's shirt he particularly likes with a drawing of his beloved dog Betty — whom he also plans on dressing in Lands' End.

"Betty's getting old now. And in Oklahoma winters can be brutal. So she's going to be wearing some Lands' End sweaters and turtlenecks wherever we can get her in them," he says.

Shelton's Lands' End collection is available now.

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