The actress has a profound love for killer footwear

Rocke/Turgeon/Splash News Online

For many women, standing in high heels for hours is a fate akin to torture, something to be avoided at all costs or mitigated with the help of wedges, bandaids, and lots and lots of taxis. But then, of course, there are those women out there who strap on a pair of 5-in. stilettos and are able to pirouette and jog through the streets as though they were born to rest all of their body weight onto the balls of their feet. And then there’s Blake Lively, for whom wearing a towering heel isn’t just fun — it’s relaxing.

For their July 4th issue, Hamptons Magazine sat down with the star for an interview, asking her about everything from The Shallows to her home life to how she views her personal sense of style. Said the star: “My style is very much a reflection of my experiences and my moods, who I am and where I’ve traveled … So my design aesthetic, whether it’s in my home or on my body, is very much an unfolding of my experiences and my stories. And that can be incredibly casual—it can be jeans and a T-shirt—but it’s my dad’s T-shirt maybe. It’s stuff that normally means something to me. And it’s also very personal and relaxed. I also like to dress up, though; I also think that’s relaxing— to put on a great pair of Louboutins.”

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Though that last sentence gives us about a zillion questions, the interviewer apparently had none, so we may never know exactly what about a pair of Loubs Lively finds quite so soothing. It appears as though the art of remaining totally zen while wearing shoes that elevate you at a vertiginous angle might just have to be one of those closely guarded secrets Blake takes with her to her grave, along with how she gets her hair to look like that and how exactly to get Ryan Reynolds to fall in love with you.

Do you love heels or could you live without them? More importantly, do you find them relaxing? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick