Stars are choosing increasingly racy gowns for their red carpet parade

By Alex Apatoff
Updated November 05, 2013 09:50 PM

Splash News Online; Getty; Filmmagic; Wireimage

You get an invitation to a black tie event. Do you:
A) Go through your closet, hoping that prom dress you saved will still fit?
B) Pick up something elegant and refined that you can wear again?
C) Choose the most skin-baring, jaw-dropping, whiplash-inducing gown you can find that sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a gown in the first place?
If you answered C, congratulations! You are right on trend with Hollywood’s latest parade of red carpet attire.

This week and last, the gowns we’ve seen in Last Night’s Look recently are more sassy than classy, with strategic hints (or giant swaths, depending on the dress) of skin showing through. We rounded up the four ways stars have chosen to show off their killer bods in deceptively demure gowns.

Stacy Keibler chose to put her décolletage on full display in KaufmanFranco at the ACE Awards in N.Y.C. The bodice wasn’t merely decorative, however; it also served as a push-up bra, strapping certain things down and other things up and out for a cleavage-framing look that may have George Clooney weeping alone in Lake Como.

At a LACMA event, Zoë Saldana wanted her muffin top-free zone to be the highlight of her look, showing off slender slivers of skin in a dress with unforgiving sheer panels. No Spanx (or anything else for that matter) for this lady.

Going even bolder, Thor: The Dark World‘s Jaimie Alexander highlighted her butt at the premiere, choosing an “edgy but sort of classy” dress that left no doubt about her punishing lunge and squat routine.

And finally, gowns with sheer skirts are old news, but Nicole Richie‘s Dolce & Gabbana still manages to surprise with its strategically placed lace bits that are a major departure from the ladylike vibe the top half of her dress exudes. One gust of wind and you may know more about Richie’s undercarriage than you’d hoped.

What do you think of this super-bold gown trend? Are you loving the new way to be sexy on the red carpet, or would you prefer stars keep things under wraps?

–Alex Apatoff