Remember how the '90s superstar used to look? We'll show you!

By jencress
January 16, 2013 10:30 PM

Jim Smeal/Wireimage

It’s official: Kate Moss has never taken a bad photo.

Often while searching for celebrity flashback images, we find dated hairstyles or questionable outfits, but with this model mom — who turns 39 today — we couldn’t find anything remotely embarrassing. So instead, we chose a photo from when she’d just become “the” Kate Moss — and naturally, it’s a good one.

In the picture at left — taken in 1994, one year after her iconic Calvin Klein ads were released and her career exploded — a then-20-year-old Moss struts out of Los Angeles International Airport as if it’s a runway, wearing a simple white tank, high-waisted boot-cut jeans and a leopard-print bag. It doesn’t appear she has any makeup on, either, and she still looks flawless.

Moss had a distinct look back then, and not much has changed in 19 years: She’s still gorgeous, glam and one of the most successful models on the planet. More than we’ll be able to say when we’re 39! Tell us: Do you remember Moss’s ads from the ’90s?

–Jennifer Cress