The comedian talks fashion as InStyle's Man of Style
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Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Seeing Billy Eichner doing anything besides running around N.Y.C. streets in a t-shirt and jeans may seem jarring to you — but the star recently took a break from his Billy on the Street gig to run around InStyle‘s fashion closet instead, exploring bags, accessories and designer fashion pieces. And yes, he had plenty of thoughts about all of it.

As the magazine’s January Man of Style, Eichner stars in a video with newly-appointed editor-in-chief Laura Brown, during which he experiences what seems to be his first encounter with a women’s Chanel jacket — a piece that he describes as looking like a “wireless router.” He also finds a bag that he deems as the perfect addition to his Grindr profile photo, and tries on a Balmain poncho so heavy he can barely walk in it. And you really can’t end today without knowing what shoe gets dubbed “a comfortable shoe for a handsome woman.”

And while his go-to low-key Billy on the Street outfit certainly makes him recognizable, Eichner shares in the magazine that he’s much more into fashion than he makes it seem on television. He says that when it’s time to hit the town for a work event here or there, it’s important for him to up his style game.

“So you want to look good and enjoy it,” he tells InStyle. “Also, it’s important to show people the difference between me and my character on Billy on the Street. He has this low-rent jeans-and-T-shirt look, and I’ve realized that dressing better in real life helped people differentiate. So now I actually schedule the fittings in advance, because it takes hours. Hours! It’s shocking to me how long it takes, and I’m only trying on suits and ties.”

But his personal sense of style wasn’t always perfect — Eichner shares that even he had a few mishaps when he first entered the industry.

“There were some talk-show interviews I did where I was dressing myself, and when I watched them later, I’d think, ‘Oh, no, no, no,’ he says. “And the first time I went to the Emmys, the makeup artist was very heavy on the fake tanner—and I just let her do her thing because I figured she was the expert. Then I saw myself and thought, “That is not happening again.”

For more from Eichner, head over to InStyle. And tell us: what do you think of Eichner’s sense of style?