Billie Eilish Says Reaction to Her British 'Vogue' Cover Made Her 'Never Want to Post Again'

The singer-songwriter described the "surreal" moment the release of her British Vogue photo shoot broke records on social media

A Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish broke the internet on May 2 after ditching her signature style for a new "classic, old-timey pin-up" look in the June issue of British Vogue. But the fan reaction to her new look didn't have the singer entirely excited.

The 19-year-old appeared on the latest episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday to discuss the reaction to her photo shoot. After sharing the images on Instagram, Eilish broke the record for getting a million likes on a photo in under six minutes.

"It was so weird the day those pictures came out because I would post one and then I'd see, 'Billie Eilish has broken the record for the fastest picture ever liked,' and then I would post another one and it would say, 'Billie Eilish just broke the other record she just broke with the new fastest picture ever liked,' " the "Bad Guy" singer said on the show.

Eilish continued by saying the entire situation was both "crazy" and "surreal," making her nervous about posting in the future.

"I do get excited. I think it more just makes me never want to post again," she said in the clip. "I feel like I wanted to post more when less people cared. And now that more people care, it's like scary to me. But it's amazing!"

The Grammy winner has continued to switch up her look as she's gotten older. The singer-songwriter debuted new light blonde hair last month after keeping the transformation under wraps since January, admitting on The Late Show that she wasn't trying to pull a "Hannah Montana" prank on the internet.

But her new clothing is getting more talk among fans than her new hair color, revealing in her interview with Vogue that she expected not all responses to the photo shoot to be positive.

"Showing your body and showing your skin – or not – should not take any respect away from you," she said in the interview, describing the shoot as being out of her normal realm.

Billie Eilish for June British Vogue NO REUSE
Billie Eilish. Craig McDean

"It's all about what makes you feel good. If you want to get surgery, go get surgery," Eilish added. "If you want to wear a dress that somebody thinks that you look too big wearing, f--- it – if you feel like you look good, you look good."

Following the viral photo shoot, Eilish is focusing on the upcoming release of her second studio album, Happier Than Ever, on July 30. The record features 16 tracks, including songs such as "Billie Bossa Nova," "my future," "Oxytocin," Lost Cause" and "NDA," among others.

"I'm so excited about this album," she told Colbert in the clip. "It's my favorite thing I've ever created. I'm just so proud of it and feel so cocky about it, I gotta tell you."

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