There’s a reason Beyond Yoga is loved by yoga teachers and supermodels alike

By Tess Garcia
October 22, 2019 05:45 PM

When you attend yoga classes on a regular basis, you inadvertently begin to notice clothing trends among both teachers and practitioners. As a yoga teacher myself, there’s one brand of leggings I’ve seen in every class I’ve attended in the past few months: Beyond Yoga.

Recognizable by its high-waisted silhouettes, heathered colorways, and tiny lotus flower logo, the female-owned athleticwear brand counts supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner among its fans, along with Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lopez — all of whom are more than just one-time wearers. Jenner has been spotted in three different pairs of Beyond Yoga leggings, and based on photo evidence, Ambrosio has accumulated at least seven pairs of her own since 2015. Lopez, on the other hand, owns the same pair of the brand’s Alloy Ombre high-waisted leggings in at least three different colors.

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Luckily, you don’t have to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or Versace Show runway to get in on this trend because tons of Beyond Yoga leggings are available on Amazon. Though some of the pairs worn by Ambrosio, like the Bound and Quilted Contour leggings, are almost sold out, you can still shop a few of the same ones sported by her, Jenner, and Lopez. Below, check out our top picks from Beyond Yoga.

Alloy Ombre High Waist Midi Legging in Gray with Rose Gold

Ambrosio and Lopez are both big fans of the brand’s Alloy Ombre high-waisted statement leggings — and by some miracle, they’re still in stock on Amazon in four different colors. Pair yours with a chunky knit sweater for an Alessandra-approved athleisure look.

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Buy It! Beyond Yoga Alloy Ombre Sport Flex High Waist Midi Legging, $106.60–$110;

Spacedye Striped Mesh High Waist Midi Legging

Ambrosio wore this sheer-paneled style in red back in 2015, while Jenner wore them in black the same year. Though the red colorway is no longer available and the black is nearly sold out, you can shop the same pair in a light or dark heathered gray.

Buy It! Beyond Yoga Spacedye Striped Mesh High Waist Midi Legging, $57.42–$99;

Supplex High Waist Midi Leggings

These leggings are the exact pair Ambrosio has worn on multiple occasions, minus the Aries-themed Zodiac designs hers have on the backs of the legs. You can match the 37-year-old model in dark gray, or branch out with one of the 11 other brightly-colored pairs.

Buy It! Beyond Yoga Supplex High Waist Midi Leggings, $44–$97;

Spacedye Color High Waisted Leggings

Though Ambrosio, Jenner, and Lopez haven’t worn this specific style in public, Ambrosio has been seen wearing Beyond Yoga leggings in a similar spacedye shade. Never one to shy away from a pop of color, we have a feeling she’d also approve of the red and peach trim on these leggings.

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Buy It! Beyond Yoga Spacedye Color High Waisted Leggings, $79.99–$99;

Supplex Badlands High Waist Strappy Midi Leggings

A known fan of the simple black leggings look, Jenner wore a cute white-trimmed pair from Beyond Yoga’s collab with Kate Spade back in 2017. They’re no longer available, but the brand sells another black pair with super-chic trim around the ankles that are just as cute.

Buy It! Beyond Yoga Supplex Badlands High Waist Strappy Midi Leggings, $50–$88;