Beyoncé Had Two Wardrobe Malfunctions This Weekend Which is Two More Than She's Ever Had in Her Life

But of course the singer handled the nip slip like an old pro

Photo: AKM-GSI

They don’t call Beyoncé Queen Bey for nothing. After all, this is a woman who is not only synonymous with the hashtag #flawless, but has cultivated a public persona so expertly curated and presented that she and her husband Jay Z have often been accused of being leaders of the Illuminati. But on Saturday, the Lemonade singer gave us all proof that she is in fact human just like the rest of us (well, aside from the whole multi-millionaire, most famous woman in the world thing), suffering a minor wardrobe malfunction as she grabbed a meal after her show.

Stepping out to dinner in NYC on Saturday night with Jay Z and Nicki Minaj after the Tidal X: 1015 Benefit Concert, Beyoncé wore a stunning yellow and blue custom brocade suit from designer Musika Frere. The singer paired her ’70s-inspired matching blazer and flared pants with her long performance braid, velvet burgundy Prada platform heels, and no shirt underneath, a sartorial choice that would come to haunt her over the course of the evening ahead.

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As Beyoncé left the restaurant and headed for her car, it seems that the pop star suffered a minor nip slip. Bey being Bey however, she immediately identified the problem, casually sliding her hand up over her breast, and nonchalantly continuing on her way.

Of course, this blazer faux pas comes hot on the heels of yet another on-stage slip-up at her Tidal X: 1015 performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Mid-song it seems that Beyoncé realized her ear had started to bleed after she whipped her waist-long braid just a little too hard, causing it to get tangled up in one of her hoop earrings and rip it out of her earlobe. In case you needed any more proof Bey was a part-time deity: as you can see in the clip above she wasn’t even close to phased by the pain or the blood, finishing off the show without a second thought. The artist formerly known as Sasha Fierce must have taken that Bob Marley lyric to heart because, clearly, when her music hits, she feels no pain.

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