Watch: How to Get the Perfect Beyoncé-Inspired Purple Lip

The star's go-to pro breaks down her 'No Angel' beauty look

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we've got a beauty idea for you: Make like Beyoncé, and experiment with a bright fuchsia lip shade. And we've got the CliffsNotes on how to do it. The superstar's makeup artist, L'Oreal pro Sir John, taught us how to pull off the bold look — the same one he created for Beyoncé for her "No Angel" music video — in the "How It's Done" video above.

Sir John starts with the eyes first, creating a no-makeup-makeup look. He blends a brown contour powder all over the lid to add depth and definition, then applies a dark brown matte eye shadow along the lash line to give the effect of eyeliner without an obvious line.

"Matte shades are like an optical illusion," he says. "They absorb light and allow you to hide imperfections and add shape. They're like the Spanx of makeup."


To finish the eyes, he applies a few swipes of brown mascara.

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Next, he moves on to the main event — the purple lip. Sir John applies the Urban Decay lip liner in Speedball all over the lips, which creates a precise line and "allows your lipstick to stay on longer. If you want everything to last, use a pencil and a lipstick." He also overlines the top lip just slightly, which "creates a bee stung effect — even on girls with full lips," he says.

To apply the lipstick — he recommends a blue-based magenta shade, which will make your teeth look whiter — he uses his finger to tap it onto the lips, making them look fuller.

The best part about this look? " You don't even have to have concealer or an eye on, but its modern," says Sir John. "Like a New York girl."

Watch the video above for the full tutorial. Will you try this look? Sound off below.

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