September 26, 2011 07:00 PM
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When Beyoncé bleeds, she succeeds. The singer cut her feet on her spiky Louboutin heels while filming the campaign for her latest fragrance, Pulse, but instead of taking it as a bad omen, the mom-to-be embraced it as a good sign.

“Every time I hurt myself and I have to put a Band-Aid [on] I know that [the] work and the pain pays off,” she told the crowd at her fragrance launch party in New York Wednesday night, explaining that after many a video shoot she’s come home with bruised knees and bloody feet. “So Pulse is going to be as successful, let us pray.”

The superstar, who mingled with husband Jay-Z, mom Tina Knowles and V.I.P. guests like Jessica White, called the creation of Pulse an “incredible experience. I’ve been working on Pulse for such a long time, it’s amazing for me to see it finally brought to life.”

Inspired by her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, the scent is about “something that happens when I get on the stage,” Beyoncé said. “I don’t know if it’s the pulse that races before and transforms me, but I believe we all have that inside of us and I wanted to bring out something in every woman that makes them feel confident and makes them feel like they have all of the men’s pulses racing as they walk by.”

Beyoncé weighed in on the design of the bottle, too; its chrome cap was inspired by some of her tour costumes, as well as childhood memories. “I remember being a little girl and seeing my mother’s dresser, because she had all these beautiful antique bottles, so I’m always thinking about what a woman would want to display,” she said. “I feel like [with Pulse], every woman will have their own little sculpture and piece of art.”

–Reporting by Carlos Greer


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