Watch Beyoncé and Jay Z Get Their Matching 'IV' Wedding Tattoos

The footage showing them inside the tattoo parlor will make you melt

Source: Beyonce/Instagram; Inset: Kevin Mazur/Getty

We’ve heard of BFF tattoos (all the celebrities seem to have them!), and the next logical step would be wedding tattoos – a phenomenon taking Pinterest by storm and adopted by stars including Dax Sheperd. But leave it to Beyoncé and Jay Z to have been in on the trend years before it started trending.

In a new video posted to Instagram, Beyoncé commemorated their ninth wedding anniversary with home video footage set to her song, “Die with You.” There were scenes from their wedding (giant ring, blue nailpolish and dress she didn’t love and all), the birth of Blue Ivy, shots of her baby bump and a rare glimpse inside the tattoo parlor where they got their matching ink.

They each got the Roman numeral IV on their ring fingers representing their birthdates and wedding day — Beyoncé was born on September 4, Jay-Z on December 4 and they tied the knot on April 4.

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Back in 2008, she opened up about their tattoos to Essence, saying that said she didn’t want an engagement ring because, “People put too much emphasis on that,” she said. “It’s just material and it’s just silly to me.”

She does, however, own a jaw-dropping $5 million dollar 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz, which you’ll also see from every angle in the new video, plus another whopper of a ring that she shows off while mouthing “I love you” to the camera.

She showed off more images of their tattoos in Instagram photos, with the inspirational quote, “I don’t need air in my lungs. If I can’t sing your song,” written over the photo. Then she shared a photo of the couple holding hands with a text reading: “I don’t really need these fingers. If I didn’t get to touch your spine.”

What do you think of the wedding tattoo trend? Would you ever get one?

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