June 09, 2016 03:24 PM

Seeing as Beyoncé is perfect in every way possible, it seems like nothing — nothing — us mere mortals encounter could ever happen to her. But at her first New York performance she sneezed (and fans completely lost their minds). Then at her second show Wednesday night her sparkly leotard ripped right at the crotch. Before you go thinking Beyoncé is really just like us, she handled the hiccup with the grace and poise that only a true Queen Bey could — she just sang right on through it.

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At her second show at New York’s Citi Field she closed out the performance with her 2008 hit “Halo” and all the bootylicious dance moves got the best of her embellished onesie and it split on her lower right side right near her nether regions — leaving us all chanting, ‘Baby I can see your hipbone.’

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Being the angelic presence she is, she kept on singing and held the seams together throughout the rest of the song. Onlookers told PeopleStyle she kept her hand on her hip until the end of the concert.

You can catch the exact moment here.

And watch Bey being Bey throughout the rest of the song.

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Reason number 2,781 why the CFDA Fashion Icon award she received Monday night is all the more appropriate.

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— Colleen Kratofil

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