Beyoncé Wishes You a Happy 'Holidayoncé' with New Line of (Not So) Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Santa Bey's 2017 line contains much more subtle, but still stylish expressions instead of those traditional Christmastime phrases

Happy holidayoncé to all!

On Wednesday, Beyoncé released the perfect gifts for the Bey Hive this season and it’s once again from her capsule collection of festive merch. (And what timing with Black Friday just around the corner!)

While last year was all Lemonade-themed clothing, Santa Bey’s 2017 line contains much more subtle, but still stylish expressions instead of those traditional Christmastime phrases.

HOLIDAYONCÉ Beyonce collectionCredit:

For $40, you can forever wear the December 2016 portrait of Beyoncé throwing up a peace sign and wearing reindeer ears. (On the back the phrase “Holidayoncé” is screenprinted!) Of course, fans will remember this was one of the hidden clues she gave months before she publicly announced she was pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Beyonce Holliday collection

From a $45 bright red sweater printed with the lyrics of Beyoncé and husband JAY-Z’s lyrics — “Shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin'” — to a $55 purple crewneck with the phrase “Have a Thicc Holiday” stamped on the front, there’s plenty of outer wear and one-liners to choose from.

HOLIDAYONCÉ Beyonce collectionCredit:

Don’t forget your “Sis the Season” black sweater for $40 to be jolly.

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HOLIDAYONCÉ Beyonce collectionCredit:

And because there’s no such thing as an actual ugly Christmas sweater in Beyoncé’s repertoire, she created her own version that simply reads “Beyoncé Holiday Sweater” in hand-written font.

HOLIDAYONCÉ Beyonce collectionCredit:

The 22-time Grammy winner also has your Christmas tree in mind.

There’s even satin ornaments to match any collection piece, including “yoncé” and “Slay Bells” satin ball ornaments and a bee enamel ornament (each for $12).

But never forget the original Beyoncé Christmas look: that ugly red Christmas sweater from her “7/11” music video.

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