July 19, 2016 12:16 PM

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Beyoncé is probably the biggest pop star in the world about whom we know the least. Not only does she rarely give interviews or attend red carpets, but she posts to social media even more infrequently (not the worst habit when all of your contemporaries are getting into feuds). And as her latest album proved, we may think we know all about Jay and Bey, but clearly, we don’t know a damn thing. So when Beyoncé gives you a rare, intimate look behind-the-scenes at the making of her one-of-a-kind tour wardrobe, you get in formation.

The video, posted to Beyoncé’s Facebook page on Monday, gives fans a look into the full process that went into the creation of the singer’s half a dozen costumes changes throughout the Formation show, interviewing many of the crew members who are responsible for making sure Bey and her backup dancers look #Flawless night after night.

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According to the singer’s costume designer Marni Senofonte, the vision for the show began with the Lemonade movie, incorporating those Antebellum sartorial references for a look Senofonte calls “Victorian streetwear.”

Next, a call went out to designers who sketched looks they thought would fit that motif, with Beyoncé playing an integral part in their creation, going back and forth with designers including Balmain and Gucci about what she liked and didn’t like, customizing the looks until they were exactly what she envisioned.

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The video also revealed a number of surprising facts about exactly what it took to create every picture perfect piece. For example, those mega-wide brimmed hats? The milliner built them off of sombreros, driving all the way to Mexico to get the perfect template.

And for those wondering how her troupe of dancers can move so easily in those complicated couture pieces, the seamstresses showed the cameras how they cut darts into the costume’s armpits so that all of Beyoncé’s girls could move unencumbered. And finally, in a truly genius move, all of the fishnets the dancers wear are dyed in crockpots because “the girls don’t all come in one color” and they wanted the tights to match their skin tones perfectly. Now, that’s a trick you can use whether you’re the Queen B or just one of her devoted supplicants.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s Formation tour looks? Which is your favorite? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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