March 15, 2017 12:49 PM

Beyoncé is a woman of great, impenetrable mysteries. There’s truly no telling what the pop legend will do next, whether it’s dropping a game-changing album overnight without warning, turning an award show performance into a 10-minute tribute to her own divinity, or blowing every person’s baby announcement out of the water with a single lingerie-clad Instagram shot. In fact, since she’s become more covert than the CIA about her personal life, the singer has driven her fans to extremes, forcing them to read into every tiny choice she makes from the way she positions her hands on her baby bump to the symbolism embedded in her selfies, and now her very intriguing choice in jewelry.

The fervor around her latest Instagram post all began when an eagle-eyed member of the Bey-hive with an apparently encyclopedic knowledge of every item of clothing the diva has ever worn recognized the earrings she was wearing as the very same she wore in her music video “If I Were a Boy.” From there, it was only a small leap in logic to speculating that the choice was meant to be an encrypted message to fans, confirming for them the sex of her unborn babies.

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But while we were all focus with laser-like precision on the accessories adorning her ear lobes, we may have missed the biggest hint the Queen B has given us to date about her in utero twins, and it’s all centered around that giant new emerald ring she’s wearing.

While Bey is no stranger to mega-carat accessories, after all this is a woman whose wedding ring is a $5 million 18-carat flawless diamond, it seems she’s added a new sparkling stunner to her arsenal, flashing a large emerald ring directly at the camera, worn in place on her engagement ring. While most might guess this is simply a premature push present from Jay Z or post-Grammys gift to herself, we should all know by now that nothing in Bey’s world is ever as simple as it seems. So we have another conspiracy theory to add to the mix: that emerald is meant to represent her twins’ birthstone, meaning her due date would land somewhere in May. However, much like the story behind what inspired Lemonade, we’ll probably never know how much of this is gospel and how much is just our own wishful thinking.

Do you think Beyoncé’s new ring is meant to send a subliminal message? Or do you think she just felt like some fresh bling? Sound off below!

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