Beyoncé Alters Her Wedding Ring Tattoo - See What it Says Now

The pop star appears to have added a few more lines to the body art she got with husband Jay-Z

The nature of celebrity is to fabricate a certain cult of personality around pop culture figures, giving the impression that they’re not only perennially flawless, but also living lives cloaked in obscurity and beyond our simple, plebeian understanding. But international fame or no, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are undoubtedly the makers of their own mystery. After all, when you get two beyond legendary billionaires together the results are bound to be mind-bogglingly luxurious, over-the-top, and totally unique, down to the way they show their love for one another. Like getting a set of matching tattoos on your wedding day instead of traditional gold bands and diamonds (although the pop star has that as well). And now it seems that Beyoncé has made a few new additions of her own to her iconic body art.


The pair each got Roman numeral IVs tattooed on their ring fingers after they got married, representing not only their lucky number, but also their birth dates and wedding day. Beyoncé was born on September 4, Jay-Z on December 4 and they tied the knot on April 4, the fourth day of the fourth month of the year. The number has also been featured on both of their albums, first on Beyoncé’s fourth studio album, fittingly titled 4, and most recently on Jay-Z’s latest album 4:44. And the numerical obsession goes even farther than that, they even named their daughter after the number, Blue Ivy, or should we say, Blue IV.

Source: Beyonce/Instagram; Inset: Kevin Mazur/Getty

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Back in 2014, fans speculated that the couple’s marriage might be going through a rough patch (shortly after the unexplained elevator moment, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the pop star’s body art was starting to fade).


And while we now know thanks to Lemonade that the Bey Hive probably weren’t totally off-base, it seems things are now back on track and better than ever, although her alteration to this ink just adds a whole new layer of inscrutability. It appears that Beyoncé has added a few more lines to the piece, slightly obscuring the original IV but making it look a little more like a numeral 4. Fans have pointed out that, from the side, the new tattoo also looks like a capital J. Sounds to us like these two are just as crazy in love as ever.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s tattoo alterations? What do you think it means? Sound off below!

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