"I created this line because I wanted it to be an affordable solution for women," Frankel tells PEOPLE

By Kate Hogan
Updated March 26, 2012 01:00 PM

Courtesy Skinnygirl Face & Body; Inset: Jean Bapti

Bethenny Frankel‘s latest products are totally nutritious — but they’re not edible.

The reality star just launched her newest venture, Skinnygirl Beauty, a line of lotions, creams, cleansers and minimal makeup available at Walmart stores nationwide.

“I created this line because I wanted it to be an affordable solution for women,” Frankel tells PEOPLE. “I was tired of the deception in fancy packaging; pretending all these complicated ingredients were going to make you look like you’d had a face lift in 48 hours. I developed everything to plug the holes that I have seen.”

The line — which includes items like tinted moisturizers, exfoliating scrubs and plumping lip glosses she wears everyday — is made in part with food, and no product is more than $15.

“There’s a lot of value,” Frankel continues. “And I took a lot of time to be sure you’re proud to have these things in your purse. But we didn’t spend too much money on the packaging — it’s all in the product.”

Frankel says she was very invested in the process, offering lots of feedback on textures and scents. “It had to be right, I’m a perfectionist,” she shares.

She also created a special subset of the line, Skinnygirl Mommy, with energizing and refreshing products for pregnant women and moms on the go. “It’s thoughtful,” she says of the cooling foot and leg creams.

Thanks to her careful planning, the star says the line has been her first “instant success,” too. “I haven’t heard one negative thing about a product, actually,” she says. “And we can’t keep it on the shelves.”

Because of that, she’s expanding the brand later this spring, adding products like illuminating primers, lip and cheek stains and more. As she hints, “There’s a lot of great stuff that’s coming.” Tell us: Would you buy Skinnygirl beauty products?