Bethenny Frankel on Her Skinnygirl Denim Line: 'Designers of All Sizes Are Working on the Brand'

Bethenny Frankel is expanding her Skinnygirl brand into the fashion world!

On Tuesday night, the Real Housewives of New York star launched her brand’s newest venture: Skinnygirl jeans. Frankel caught up with PEOPLE and dished some details on the new line and plans for the future.

ONE Jeanswear Group and Bethenny Frankel Celebrate the Launch of Skinnygirl Jeans
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Skinnygirl Jeans

The denim launch marks Skinnygirl’s first major foray into the fashion world for the brand, which started with a line of cocktails and has expanded to include shapewear and kitchen appliances. As for plans to launch a Skinnygirl clothing empire, Frankel isn’t getting ahead of herself and is focusing on “one thing at a time.”

“Just like with cocktails, I started with a margarita not vodka, wines, etc.,” Frankel, 47, told PEOPLE. “You start with one thing and do it well so I think this line is incredible, and then if it does well, we’ll move into other categories.”

Courtesy Bethenny Frankel

Frankel, who has daughter Bryn, 7, with ex Jason Hoppy, also revealed that she has plans to launch a children’s line.

“I’m learning so much about what my daughter loves and what makes her feel comfortable, and very young kids have their own style and identity,” Frankel explained. “Even at seven, parents can’t force their kid to have a certain style…”

Even though the jeans will launch under the Skinnygirl brand name, Frankel ensures her focus is on a size-inclusive collection.

“We have multiple designers in all shapes and sizes working on the brand,” Frankel said. “I think no two women are the same just like a snowflake so we have to make sure that everyone feels confident and comfortable.”

And she maintains her line is all about boosting confidence in women of all sizes.

“People are always focused on weight and overweight, people never focus on underweight. I have so many people on Instagram saying, ‘I’m petite, don’t forget about me. I’m tall and thin, don’t forget about me. I have long legs, don’t forget about me,'” she explained. “I think that people really focus on weight more than they should versus everyone’s different, everyone has flaws and everyone has things that make them feel really confident, so we’re focusing on what makes you feel confident and we want to make you feel good.”

Skinnygirl Jeans will be available in August 2018.

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