The star explains the reason behind the changes in her jaw line

For Bethenny Frankel, being a star on The Real Housewives of New York also means being accused of having plastic surgery — it comes with the territory. But now she’s speaking out about the procedures that she has had done, and it turns out that while they’re not at all invasive, they have changed the shape of her face.

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery

Dimitrios Kambouris/Wireimage; Dimitrios Kambouris

The 45-year-old tells The Daily Mail that while she does rely on injections to keep her face looking the way she wants it, that’s where she’s drawn the line. “I’ve gotten Botox in other areas and then starting about three years ago, my dermatologist said to me, ‘Why don’t we try injecting your jaw cause it’s so tense,'” she says about the speculated change in her jawline.

“I showed him the pictures,” Frankel explains of the photo proof that she’s shown her dermatologist, Doctor Howard Sobel. “You can see that my jaw has completely changed because its like a muscle, it’s like lifting weights.”

And Sobel agrees. “Bethenny has been photographed frequently and her look has always had that prominent jawline,” he says of the “dramatic” change he created. “Now that the shape of her face has changed, her cheeks are more in proportion to her face. She has a much softer look.”

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So how exactly does this work? “If injected in small amounts over a period of months, [Botox] will atrophy the muscle,” Sobel explains. “The shortening of this muscle can change a square and masculine shaped face to a heart shaped very feminine face.”

But as far as any other procedures go, Frankel is standing firm on the fact that despite claims that she’s had surgery on her face, she’s never gone under the knife.

“That’s it,” she says. “I have done Botox — I don’t do it religiously, like maybe once a year when I think of it I’ll be like, ‘Oh I look like a Shar-Pei, let me do that,’ but I have not had invasive plastic surgery, I have not had a nose job, I have not had anything done. I have had Botox in my jaw, I am so excited because I looked at the pictures I do look different.”

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— Jillian Ruffo