Bethenny Frankel's New York City Closet Is So Big It Requires a Ladder - and Safe!

She stores her 150 bikinis in tiny plastic baggies

Bethenny Frankel is so skilled in renovating and designing multimillion-dollar Manhattan homes, that she landed a brand new show on Bravo, Bethenny & Fredrik. And if you’re as excited as we are to see her in action, we have just the thing to hold you over until the premiere — a look inside her own New York City closet. And yes, it’s so big, she designed a special ladder to reach everything.

“I think that most people in their homes don’t use the vertical space as much and in New York City, you must,” she tells PeopleStyle in this exclusive closet tour video. With that in mind, Frankel designed her closet with shelves that reach all the way to the ceiling.

She also created plenty of drawer space to contain her massive stash of swimwear, which is full of itty-bitty bikinis organized by cool and warm tones and stored in tiny plastic baggies. “It keeps the tops and the bottoms together, they’re easy to pack, if you’re ever somewhere and your bathing suits are wet, it’s a place to put them, this is just a very good system,” she says of her packing process.

If you thought drawers and drawers of her over 150 bikinis was impressive, she also keeps a swimwear collection at her home in the Hamptons. “If I’ve worn a bathing suit a bunch of times, it gets moved out to the Hamptons.”

She carefully organizes the rest of her items similarly, laying her jewels in a safe lined in velvet and grouping her heels by color. “People mix all their shoes up together, I like to go [with] metallics together, all the nudes [together], all the grays [together].”

And she of course advises everyone to have a pair of “hooker” heels in their closet just in case you decide to “marry a stranger in Vegas.”

Watch the rest of the video to see her favorite dresses, including the Marc Jacobs number she wore to the very first Real Housewives of New York premiere party and some of the items she wore during dramatic RHONY scenes (like when she had to tell Luann de Lesseps it was “about Tom”).

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