November 06, 2017 11:21 AM

Bethenny Frankel took some time for herself to kick back and relax after a busy few weeks. The reality star, entrepreneur and philanthropist celebrated her 47th birthday on Sunday wearing her birthday suit at the beach in Miami with her family just a few hours before her first-ever appearance on the ABC reality series Shark Tank aired.

The Real Housewives of New York star flaunted her toned torso in a ruffled black and white camouflage print bikini and floppy straw hat for her beach day.

On her actual birthday, Saturday November 4th, Frankel put her special day on hold and headed back to Puerto Rico to continue the relief efforts she starting doing immediately following Hurricane Maria in October. Frankel shared her journey and the lasting devastation with her fans on Instagram as she went through unaided areas of the island handing out crisis kits filled with water, money, rice and more.

Bethenny Frankel

“Feliz cumpleaños. Okay I am back in Puerto Rico. It’s about four weeks since Maria hit and when we first came we definitely had our act together but now we have our acts really together. We are running this like a military operation. We have relief boxes — crisis kits I like to call them — for each home. Bags separated out with rice and sustenance for people so they can eat and continue to rebuild their lives,” Frankel told her fans on Instagram.

“So we are back in Puerto Rico because this is still very much of a crisis. The island has about 25 percent electricity. People are still in very bad shape and today you will see some crazy, crazy stuff. We just landed in Ceiba, which has been very, very, very badly hit.”

Bethenny Frankel celebrating her birthday in Miami.
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After an emotional day meeting families horribly struck by the devastating storm, Frankel flew back to the U.S. to enjoy a quick day off for her 47th birthday.

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While enjoying her time with friends and family on the Miami beach, Frankel proudly told fans about her first experience as a Shark investor on Shark Tank, where she made a deal with investor Kevin O’Leary to invest in an up-and-coming tea company — a fitting investment for the star, who’s the founder of Skinnygirl!

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“What happens when the greatest Shark-y combines with the queen of snarky? A product line called Snarky Teas, created by Jenni-Lyn, a power woman who executed an incredible idea and created tea with an attitude,” Frankel said on Instagram. “Snarky Teas, I am so excited for my first Shark Tank deal and I am excited to be Mrs. Wonderful for a day!”

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