"As a makeup enthusiast, I cannot imagine life without this mirror!"

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makeup mirror
Credit: Amazon

You can be armed with the best arsenal of foundation, concealers, and eyeliner out there, but if you’re still doing your makeup in the barely-there illumination of a dim bathroom mirror, it’s safe to say you’re missing out on the most crucial tool of all. Whether you can follow along with YouTube beauty vloggers like it’s nothing or just need a designated space to give your brows some monthly TLC, having the right light to get the job done is an absolute must.

Thankfully, you can say goodbye to squinting under the fluorescent lights of your bathroom (we’ve all been there!) and upgrade your makeup routine for good by adding a lighted makeup mirror to your vanity. Since Amazon shoppers have given this trifold mirror a 4.5-star rating and hundreds of rave reviews to back it up, we know just the place to start.

As the brand behind Amazon’s best-selling makeup brushes, BESTOPE designed its m Touch Screen LED Vanity Makeup Mirror to prepare you with the setup you need for a flawless application no matter the time of day. The mirror features three magnifying panels, a convenient fold-up design, and built-in LED lights to omit a natural glow so you’re always ready for your closeup. What’s more, the lights are equipped with a touch sensor switch, so you can control the brightness level with just the tap of a finger.

Aside from its customizable lighting feature, even the way the mirror operates is versatile. You can either insert four AAA batteries (psst.. they’re not included) or plug it into the wall by using the included USB cable. For the MUA on the go, you’ll be pleased to know that the stand is removable, so it can easily be folded up and packed into your suitcase.

Amazon shoppers have called the BESTOPE Makeup Mirror a game-changer; some even said it’s completely changed the way they do their makeup in the mornings. From nailing a flawless concealer application to finally achieving the perfect brows, the hundreds of reviews are flooded with shoppers praising how much of a difference the mirror has made for them.

“I chose this brand over others because it is the most affordable with its functionality. I wanted one that was able to be plugged in. As a makeup enthusiast I cannot imagine life without this mirror! I purchased the black version for my sister as her Christmas gift and immediately ordered the Rose Gold color for myself,” one reviewer wrote. “The magnification is perfect for tweezing eyebrows or detail work, personally I use the ‘main’ mirror for all my work. I like that there is a light dimming option for brighter areas but I use my light full blast. This is an awesome gift and if you’re even thinking about buying it, don’t even hesitate. So worth the money and it’s amazing!”

The best part? You can snag one for only $28 since it’s currently marked down 36 perfect from its usual price tag. At the link below, shop the game-changing mirror that’s sure to give your makeup regimen an upgrade.

makeup mirror
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! BESTOPE Makeup Touch Screen LED Vanity Mirror, $28 (orig. $44); amazon.com