It doesn't take big bucks to get a perfect pout

By Lisa DeSantis
June 26, 2018 04:36 PM
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Long-wear lipsticks are great and, for the most part, do exactly what they’re supposed to do: not budge. But long-lasting formulas tend to be matte, which can sometimes leave lips feeling dry and looking less than lush. Here to help you turn your favorite cream lipsticks into no-budge stains is celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, who works with Jennifer Aniston.

Dempsey recently took to social media to share her trick. In Instagram Stories, she revealed that she uses blotting paper (also known as rice paper) on her clients’ lips “[t]o blot excess cream lipstick, to mattify the color and create a stain look.”

She’s got a point—by removing excess formula, there’s little left to cause the dreaded bleeding effect. And while the result may look matte because some oil has been removed through the rice paper, lips won’t feel as dry as if you were to start with a matte formula.

Many makeup artists swear by blotting to make lipstick look perfect and last forever, and while you can do so with a napkin or tissue, Dempsey prefers DHC Blotting Papers ($5 for 100 sheets on or $15 for 300 on—those are what she used on Jen.

Another long-wear tip: take a tissue and stick it onto freshly applied lipstick, then dab translucent powder on top with a fluffy makeup brush. The powder acts as a barrier to lock in the color. Then go back in over your lipstick of choice and—Voila!—your pout is pretty much bulletproof.

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