March 30, 2017 04:02 PM

If you’re starting to spring clean in earnest – and also starting to despair that you’ll never have the “Khlo-CD” to make your closet look as amazing as the ones you see on your favorite celebrities’ Snapchats – you’re not alone. Getting your closet in shape can sometimes seem so daunting that it’s easiest just to leave everything in a pile on the floor, but we are here to assure you that it’s going to be fine if you just follow these super-easy steps from our editors and the mastermind in charge of LA Closet Design, Lisa Adams (you may remember her as the brains behind Khloé Kardashian’s insane fitness closet).

First things first: Let technology do some of the heavy lifting for you. See what you can get out the door and to a resale service like The RealReal (great for your higher-end designer items), Material World (more contemporary) or ThredUp (which accepts a wider variety of clothing, but can have a lower payout). All will send you kits, list your items and pay you directly (unless you prefer to get credit to shop on the site).

Once you’ve cleaned out the stuff you don’t want, try a closet-organization site like Finery, which has Brooklyn Decker on board as Chief Design Officer. It keeps an inventory of everything you already have –  and automatically logs all the new stuff you buy with that sweet resale money – which means that stuff you love won’t get buried and forgotten about in the back of your closet. It also allows you to pull outfits together as easily as Cher’s virtual wardrobe in Clueless, and even more miraculous than that, it tracks down price adjustments for you automatically. (Yay, even more money to spend on even more new clothing!)

But what if you’ve gotten your wardrobe fully Kondo’ed and you’re ready to display it to its best effect? How can you get your closet in shape quickly and keep it that way? We asked Adams, whose closet organization methods are currently keeping hundreds of Birkins in dozens of celebrity households in tip-top shape, for her easiest 10-minute tips to make sure your own collection is also displayed to its best effect.

What’s one thing you can do every day (in a minute) to ensure your closet never gets too disastrous?
When trying on clothes, always hang everything back up.  Putting things back daily is much easier than putting back a week’s worth!

What are a few inexpensive things you can buy to help keep things organized?
A towel bar – use it to hang scarves; Pliios to help organize T-shirts in drawers; pull out hooks; drawer organizers; acrylic shelf dividers.

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What’s the biggest mistake you see people making with their closet organization?
The biggest mistake I see is that people don’t have dedicated places for things in their closet, so it is virtually impossible to be organized.  If there is a place for everything, then you know where to put things back!

What would you never let anyone buy again to organize if it were up to you?
Tubular plastic scarf hangers and moth balls—there is so much better out there now!

Any apps you really like for organizing or keeping things organized once they are?
I have a whole list!
What are your secrets to working with a really deep or really tall closet?
Using pull-down hanging rods for tall closets and pull-out shelves for deep closets.

If you have 30 minutes and want to do five tasks to get things in shape, what do you recommend?
•Get rid of 10 pieces of clothing
•Re-fold sweaters, T-shirts and jeans
•Color coordinate hanging clothes while changing out the inconsistent hangers
•Organize and style shoes, one front/one back, like the celebrities do it!
•Add additional liners in laundry baskets for donations, tailoring and re-sale – which is a great way to edit daily!

What are your best closet organization tips?


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