No matter what kind of traveler you are, there's a stylish suitcase perfect for you — shop our top 9 picks
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Ready to give your getaway an upgrade? It starts with great luggage, and companies have totally stepped it up, offering everything from carry-ons with USBs to charge your phones on the go to weight sensors in the handles so you don’t get dinged for overpacking a pair of shoes (or, who are we kidding, five).

The key to selecting the one that’s right for you is to figure out which kind of traveler you are. Do you need a style that makes your laptop easily accessible so you don’t have to dilly dally in those obnoxious airport security lines? Or are you craving a style that expands so you can safely overpack — or shop a lot during your jaunt?

However you like to travel, we’ve got an option for you. Scroll down for six special suitcases that’ll help give your travel plans a stylish and stress-free feel.

For the Social Media Maven Who Can’t Be Disconnected
If you’re a frequent traveler who has Karlie Kloss-level airline status and you consider your smartphone another of your extremities, no need to worry about a low battery. Check out this carry-on by Away — it has a built in charger so no status update will ever be missed — and it comes in eight colors.

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Away $245;

Courtesy Away

For the Boss Lady Traveler
If you’ve got things to do that can not wait, this suitcase features an easy access exterior zipper compartment, which perfectly fits a laptop (making it super convenient for going through airport security lines). Hey, you never know when you’re going to need to whip it out and get some work done.

Buy It! Hedgren Transit Boarding Small Carry-On Suitcase, $129.99;

Courtesy Hedgren

For the Traveler Who Must Be Entertained at All Times
This suitcase is perfect for can’t miss an episode — even when traveling — or for when you have a long layover and need something to pass the time. The carry-on features a dock for your iPad, so it sits perfectly mounted in either portrait or landscape mode, making it the ultimate on-the-go entertainment center.

Buy It! Visionar Prodpal Carry-On, $157.99;

Courtesy Visionair

For the Chronic Overpacker
We get it — you never know what you’re going to want to wear in the moment and there’s nothing worse than being somewhere and wishing you had brought something you didn’t. For all of you notorious overpackers, this ultralight suitcase is your answer. Not only is it expandable, the top handle doubles as a weight sensor that will indicate when you’ve gone over 50 pounds.

Buy It! Delsey Paris Chatillon Suitcase, $149.99;

Courtesy Delsey Chatillon

For the Wannabe Blogger Traveler
This classic black carry-on by Tumi is super slim and chic — no wonder it’s a favorite among bloggers! So even if you don’t have someone trailing you with a DSLR camera, it’ll still give your #OOTD a major upgrade.

Buy It! International Slim Carry-On Suitcase, $475;

Credit: Courtesy Tumi

For the Super Concerned About TSA Traveler
If you need eyes on your suitcase on all times, no need to worry with this one, which comes in 12 colors. Download Raden’s coordinating app, and get details about exactly where your suitcase is (and find out how much your case weighs!). Bonus: It’s also got a USB charger tucked into it, so you can always charge your tech on the go.

Buy It! Raden A22 Carry Suitcase, $295;

Courtesy Raden 3
Credit: Courtesy Delsey

For the Ultra Experienced Traveler
Celebrities love Rimowa’s no-fuss, no-muss suitcases because they’re dependable and durable, making them well worth the investment (and we’re loving this new ice blue version!). So if you’ve already got your travel routine down pat, this is really all you’ve got left to nail it like a star.

Buy It! Rimowa Salsa Air Ultralight Cabin Multiwheel Suitcase, $495;

Courtesy Rimowa
Credit: Courtesy Delsey

For the Nostalgics Who Appreciate Old Fashioned Style
This suitcase has the look of a vintage trunk, but is as lightweight and modern as they come (and yes, it’s on wheels!). If you want to bring back that some of the luxury of old-school travel, this is the perfect compromise of style and functionality.

Buy It! TRNK Carry-On, $145;

Courtesy Calpak

For the Caffeine Addict

This hard case spinner features a convenient pop-out cup holder, which is a must for those 6 A.M. flights, or anyone who just can’t get enough java.

Buy It! SwissGear Vaud Hardside Spinner, $139.53;

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