The One $60 Hairdryer Hundreds of Fancy New York Moms Rave About on Facebook

It may not look like much, but it's garnered hundreds of comments on Upper East Side moms Facebook groups

The stereotype of the perfectly-coiffed Upper East Side mom, who goes straight from Barre to Drybar, is a pervasive one. But if hundreds of enthusiastic Facebook commenters on Upper East Side mom groups are to be believed, the secret to their perfect blowouts isn’t a standing appointment at the local salon – it’s this $60 Revlon hairdrying brush which can tackle even the curliest hair.

In hundreds of comments over the course of several enthusiastic posts about this unassuming tool, mom rave about the dryer’s ease of use and how fast it works and how long the results last. “I want to cry thinking of all the $$$ I’ve wasted on blowouts. This is the most amazing hair dryer I have ever used!” wrote one. “Legitimately is the best self-blowout I’ve ever had!” wrote another. “My hair is pretty wavy and thick/frizzy and this thing gave me a salon quality blowout,” said a third. Others used words like “obsessed,” “best ever” and “biggest game changer in my whole life.”

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What makes it so incredible? The moms seem to agree that it rapidly dries even fairly wet hair (though many recommend letting it air-dry for a while) and leaves hair super-smooth, eliminating the need for another pass with a flat-iron. “Not sure the exact source of the magic, but I will never use a normal blow dryer ever again,” one said.

Ready for a Park Avenue blowout at an affordable price? You can get your own Revlon One-Step Hair-Dryer & Volumizer on Amazon (where it has more than 3,000 similarly enthusiastic reviews) for $59.99.

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