Ben Affleck's Family 'Unanimously Hated' His Shaggy 'Argo' Look

"My dad was like, 'What kind of work would want you to look like that?'" the actor jokes

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Ben Affleck‘s upcoming movie,
, promises lots of drama, but while filming, the actor faced almost as much drama in his personal life — thanks to his shaggy ‘do and facial hair.

“My family unanimously hated the look,” he told reporters Sunday during an Argo press conference at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Since the film is set in 1979 (it focuses on the Iran hostage crisis of that year), Affleck was required to go with period style — everything from clothing to, yes, hair. “My dad was like, ‘What kind of work would want you to look like that?'” Affleck recalled during the press conference. His answer? “That’s a good question.”

Though the ribbing from his dad was minimal, it was his wife, Jennifer Garner, that was perhaps most appalled by the look. In fact, when one reporter told Affleck she liked his shaggy style, he joked, “You didn’t have to kiss me!”

Young daughters Violet and Seraphina had opinions, too. “I kept trying to tell my littler kids [that this was for work],” the actor said. But “they would say, ‘Why can’t you shave your … prickles? Shave your prickles!'” Thankfully for his family, he (kind of) has. Tell us: Did you like Affleck’s hairier look? And do you plan to see Argo?

–Reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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