The actor looked a little disheveled after the film's premiere

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated August 04, 2016 10:28 AM
Mark Milan/GC I

The Notorious B.I.G. once said, “another day, another struggle.” And it seems no one knows the precise truth of that phrase more acutely right now that one Ben Affleck.

Sure, the actor has had some marital ups and downs and a mixed-reviews stint as Batman, but that’s small potatoes when compared to the type of existential angst that would cause a man to leave the barn door wide open (as the kids would say, probably) and yet still leave his belt fastened across the top of his slacks. And for Ben, last night, that struggle became all too real.

On Wednesday evening, Affleck attended the London premiere of Suicide Squad, looking dapper in a simple, grey, well-tailored suit, white button-down, and a diamond-patterned grey and black tie. However, it seems that ensemble was not long for this world. As the actor made his way to the film’s after party, it appears he must have either completely forgotten to zip and fasten his pants, or a rogue fly slowly worked its way undone over the course of the evening, leaving the tucked in tail of his shirt fully exposed while his belt remained firmly fastened in place.

But slight embarrassments aside, it’s somewhat of a relief to see that wardrobe malfunctions are not just the purview of female celebrities’ overly complicated, impossibly delicate designs. Since everyone from Margot Robbie to Real Housewife Sonja Morgan has suffered from a garment gone awry on the red carpet this season, there’s something refreshing about seeing that, no matter your gender, zippers will still betray you right in the moment you rely on them most. (In fact, this seems to be a trend among superheroic stars — Iron Man himself had a wayward fly on a big red carpet not too long ago.)

If Ben’s looking for any sequel ideas for Batman v. Superman, we think we’ve got one that will be right up his alley: Batman v. The Unreliable Fastener.