Bella Thorne Dyes Her Hair Green and Finally Explains Why She's Constantly Changing Her Hair Color

The actress addressed her love of technicolor hair

Bella Thorne
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While it may be her complex romantic triangle between Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth that’s getting all the play in the headlines right now, Bella Thorne is actually embroiled in the midst of another whirlwind love affair, but this time with a bottle of Manic Panic hair dye. Over the past few months, the actress seems to be trying out a totally different hair color every other day. In fact, we haven’t seen this type of overnight technicolor hair transformation since Kylie first started cultivating her renowned rainbow wig closet. And on Tuesday, she switched things up yet again going from midnight blue to a vibrant shade of turquoise. So when PeopleStyle got the chance to interview Thorne about her role as Bioré’s newest spokeswoman, naturally we had to ask about the impetus behind her voracious hair dye fever.

The Shake It Up! star nonchalantly explained her constant follicular switch-up, saying, “It feels good and I always love funky hair colors. I always wanted blue hair, I wanted green hair, purple hair, so it’s just fun to do.” Plus it helps that she’s not working on a film right now, having taken some time off to write. She also recently took out her extensions and cut roughly two inches off of her real strands, adding that, “after you have extensions in for a while, it can start to look a little ratty. Even though it was growing and it was getting long, it was still looking kind of split at the ends.” And from there, “I dyed it blue, just because I felt like it. My sister dyed hers pink and we just like doing it to be matching and coordinated. It was just fun. Her boyfriend did his color too. It was cool.”

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And it seems there’s nothing Bella loves more than twinning with her older sister Dani. She says, “We’re already basically twins. When people see us, they get us confused all the time. It’s like the best compliment. We literally love it. We get to do cool stuff together all the time, we got septums together, we got so many piercings. We get matching tattoos. We’re always just doing funky, cool, hipster stuff.” So, of course, dying their hair together is also a mandatory part of their sister bonding time. She adds, “I feel dope when we all dye our hair, especially because her boyfriend, Justin, will dye his hair, too. We’re just that colored crew. Always wearing funky bright colors, I’m always wearing all one color. I was going through a phase where I was wearing all green, and now I’m a Smurf, I’m Young Smurf, because I’m all blue. I’m literally wearing head to toe blue.”

And if it seems like the teen star is exceptionally forthcoming about all the details of her life, that’s because she is and isn’t afraid to document every second of it on Snapchat. She says, “My favorite compliment is when fans come up to me and they say, ‘Oh my God, I love your Snapchat.’ That makes me so happy because I feel like they really know me. And my point of documenting all of this is to be like, this is my life. I’m a normal person, I’m pretty funky, I take a poop like everybody else does. I’m just normal. I’m just chill as f—, yo.” Which also seems like a pretty mandatory personality trait for a girl who takes as many beauty and fashion risks as Thorne does.

–Reporting by Jackie Fields

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