Bella Hadid Says She's Practicing for Victoria's Secret Show: 'I'm Not a Good Smiler on Cue'

She says she's dedicating time to practice in her New York apartment

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Bella Hadid is getting ready to walk in her very first Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and the high-fashion model is unafraid to admit she’s a little nervous. It’s not being nearly-naked that has her in knots, or the fact that she’ll be walking alongside her now-ex-boyfriend and Victoria’s Secret fashion show performer The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye). Rather it’s more about looking the appropriate levels of happy overall.

“I am not a very good smiler on cue,” the model, 20, tells PEOPLE during a fitting for the show in New York City. “I have to practice that a lot.”

To do so, she says she’s dedicating time to grin in her New York apartment. “I have to close my best friend and roommate’s door and put a big mirror in front of it so she can’t get out of her room so that I have a part of the apartment to walk and practice,” she explains. “It’s perfect for me, but she can’t really get out of her room.”

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Her impetus to work so hard for this runway stems from knowing that a Victoria’s Secret is unlike any other. “On the runway for high fashion you just don’t really think,” says the model, who has walked in fashion shows from New York to Paris. “You just walk and it’s an everyday thing. You do so many shows a day that it’s kind of you’re showing off the clothes.”

VS is not like that, she continues. “This it’s about personality,” she says. “It’s about the lingerie, but you also have to keep a smile on your face. You have to interact. It’s a different experience than I am really used to. I think that’s why everybody gets so nervous for this show because it’s so different but it’s such an amazing experience and a learning experience.”

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And, at the end of the day, that’s what matters to her — challenging herself in this way. “Sure, I wish I could smile bigger but it’s everything you can work on,” she says. “I just hope when I am out there I am not too nervous about being in my lingerie. But I am excited to just walk and show off my outfits because they’re so cute.”

“So, yes, I am really nervous but I am going to figure it out,” she says.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show tapes in Paris on November 30th and will air on CBS on December 5th.

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