And she's also wearing green lipstick which is fun

By Alex Apatoff
Updated December 07, 2016 09:49 AM
Credit: Courtesy of PAPER Magazine/Photography by Nicolas Moore

If Kendall Jenner has had one crusade in 2016, it’s been to bring awareness of her nipples (and piercings thereof) to the masses. And, just as she’s shared her favorite tattoo artists with her Model Squad members (sorry, that’s the Super Natural Friend Group to you), she appears to be passing along the name of her favorite piercer as well. Bella Hadid is showing off the results of his or her work in her latest Paper magazine editorial.

The newly-minted Victoria’s Secret catwalker poses in a variety of sheer (and sometimes fully shirtless) ensembles for the mag, showing off her bod (including that “ass” she “wants back”) and barbell piercing. And, fittingly for a face of Dior beauty, she wore a variety of bold and colorful beauty looks, even managing to make green lipstick look like something we all should try to pull off.

Credit: Courtesy of PAPER Magazine/Photography by Nicolas Moore

The star doesn’t discuss the piercing (it really speaks for itself) or her recent breakup with The Weeknd, but she does discuss being “excited” to walk for Victoria’s Secret this year after being cut from the lineup in 2015. “I tried last year [to be cast in] the show … I think everything happens for a reason,” she says.

She also comes clean about her desire to be seen as more bubbly and outgoing (as opposed to “Gigi Hadid’s sullen sister”): “People say that I don’t smile, or that I don’t have a personality.” And with that comes a desire to act, she says; “I think it would be really fun, because it’s exciting to be in front of the camera on film instead of just pictures.”

Credit: Courtesy of PAPER Magazine/Photography by Nicolas Moore

Part of that will require some practice in what Hadid admits is her weakest area: smiling. “I’m not a good smiler on cue,” she told PeopleStyle. “I have to practice that a lot … I have to close my best friend and roommate’s door and put a big mirror in front of it so she can’t get out of her room so that I have a part of the apartment to walk and practice. Sure, I wish I could smile bigger but it’s everything you can work on.”

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