Will you help the supermodel make this look happen?

October 04, 2017 03:51 PM
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Over the past year, we’ve seen the boundaries of what can be considered “pants” pushed to their limits, in particular by Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, all of whom have expanded the concept to include chaps, ankle leash jeans shorts and bike shorts worn with everything. Virtually our entire Obsessed or Hot Mess gallery is made up of one unusual pair of pants after another. But Bella Hadid has decided to take things to the next level by forgoing pants altogether, choosing to wear shapewear and entirely bypass any additional layers.

It’s not like we couldn’t have seen this coming. First, leggings went from workout wear to acceptable-for-the-office “athleisure.” Then bodysuits became de rigeur as a staple – not just a layering piece. Next, bras went from peeking out beneath tops to being full-on tops themselves. And of course, the look of a sheer gown over a bra-and-briefs set doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But now, you can just slide on your shapewear and head out the door. Think of the time you’ll save!

Bella Hadid’s curve-enhancing stretch attire come courtesy of Commando – it’s the brand’s $58 “Classic Control Short,” to be exact. Though stylists have long used the brand’s seamless briefs and undies to layer underneath sheer dresses on the red carpet and picked the brand’s super-soft bodysuits to tuck into jeans, this is the first appearance of the brand’s slimming control-top, mid-thigh shaping shorts on a street-strutting celebrity.

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You may be skeptical of this trend now, but considering that the Hadids have made quite a few questionable looks happen, you may find this looking like the height of chic in a matter of weeks, so it’s wise to stock up on a few pairs now.

Are you ready for street Spanx to happen? Weigh in below.

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